TD Sports Group Improving Playground Safety

Play areas are now fun, cost effective and eco-friendly thanks to TDSG


Roseville, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2018 -- TD Sports Group is trying to change playgrounds and play structures forever with their newest service, play structure area pad and turf system construction.

Falls are the number one cause of injuries for kids, so it's vital that playground surfacing material reduces the likelihood of these kinds of injuries.

Combining the latest technology with the best in child safety, this new service by TD Sports Group allows schools, parks and even residential homes to be quickly upgraded while remaining under budget.

In addition to fall height safety features, TD Sports Group playground turf is a soft, non-abrasive material that will also reduce the number of scrapes and skinned knees.

Fast and easy to complete from front yards and back yards all the way to large sports facilities, TD Sports Group's Play Structure Area Pad and Turf System Construction also is eco-friendly.

TDSG uses the latest in pad and turf material that is both environmentally friendly as well as child friendly. "Many of the materials we use for new playgrounds are recycled from previous projects", says Tim Golden, CEO of TD Sports Group. "This saves us from having to generate additional waste and pollution while still creating a modern, safe and fun environment for the kids".

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