Tea Lovers Prefer Loose Leaf Due to Its Anti-Oxidative Property and Healthy Flavor

As compared to tea bags, Loose-leaf tea includes a significantly shorter eco-footprint. In contrary to ‘bagged’ tea, the loose teas are biodegradable and sold by weight.


Fairhope, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2014 -- Loose leaf tea is a natural form of tea plant which often ends up in a teabag after being excessively refined in a factory. One will be amazed after looking in the teabag as it contains tiny bits of tea dust and tea leaves (referred as "fannings") rather than the entire leaves that one’s teacup deserve. All those fannings do not contain vital oils and all natural advantages that the entire leaves of the tea plant are meant for.

Since loose leaf tea is free from any tea dirt and fannings, it includes many health advantages in every hot cup of tea. In loose tea there is more leaf rather than fannings, therefore the leaf has maintained its oils and organic health-improving advantages. More tea leaves means more health gains. Some health advantages that people get from consuming loose tea is glowing skin, improved immune system and weight loss.

Loose leaf tea is just a mass product; while buying it one just have to pay for the product and not for the packaging and shipping. This gives an additional reason to choose best loose leaf tea, if one really cares about environmental effects. Loose leaf is a lot more sustainable option because it needs less energy and produce less waste in its manufacturing.

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