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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- There are new discoveries in the land of tea, that beloved beverage one sips to relax and unwind.. After all, next to water, tea is the most popular and consumed beverage in the world.

Whether it is stress, fatigue or any ailment, having a cup of tea always helps. It has gives health benefits also.

Just like humans have different emotions, tea also has different flavors, which give added benefit and is pleasing to the eyes. Countries all across the world offer great variety of tea, which has increased the number of tea lovers. The demand for tea has rapidly increased and people all over the world of all ages are enjoying the many teas thoroughly. Almost every country has started producing their own teahouses making their own tea flavors for the people.

Innovation is shown on the walls when you enter a tea or a coffee shop. Almost all the places, cafes, restaurants, lounges, hotels have menus which offer a large variety of tea.

Recently invented tea varieties you might not heard of yet include scoby, coca-tea, Assam tea, and the popular popping boba. These are some of the latest innovations, which give a new taste to the ancient tea tradition.

Scoby tea is a new tea made out of good bacteria, which is sweet in taste and is fermented using bacteria and yeast. Scoby tea's specialty is its ability to reduce pancreatic and liver problems. It also boosts the immune system and improves digestion to a great extent...

Coca-tea as all of us know comes from the same leaves as the cold drink 'coca cola'; a very sweet and tasty tea which also helps in weight loss, immune system and metabolism. This tea is especially famous for the people in the mountain or hilly region since they need a lot of strength. It is an herbal tea, which helps in dealing with hunger and thirst. If you are fond of coca- cola, try coca tea as well.

Assam tea is a very well known and classic "loved" tea by all. It not only has a different taste but the texture of tea leaves is felt sensually, which adds to the experience of the aroma and gives it a very soothing taste. In the list of tea lovers, Assam tea is in the top five world wide.

Popping boba, an unusual name with an unusual taste, is a Bubble tea, which are small balls of tapioca. Popping boba is found in all juice shops, yoghurt shops, coffee shops, and other beverage stores. The popping boba teas can be fruit filled and have caviar like texture, and all of the varieties have a very good taste.

These are some of the various hot and happening teas in the market, and this can give you some new ideas for the house or office. For tea lovers, like Larry, our main writer (a great tea lover), finds these teas to be very enjoyable and healthy beverages to enjoy life. You can explore his tea recipes from the website, which gives you the latest updates about all teas available in the market.

All tea lovers are welcome.

This website offers all the latest tea discoveries available in the world with detailed description about the preparation and benefits of each tea. All tea lovers can now visit this website to explore their love for tea more.

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