Tea: the Most Popular Drink & the Well-Known Beverage for Its Health Benefits

Loose-leaf teas got the maximum amount of anti-oxidants and anti-cancer characteristics than any other tea and are very helpful in clearing complexions.


Fairhope, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- Tea bags constitute about 95% of tea revenue in US nowadays. These teabags however have the cheapest tea accessible, creating a bit more than the usual brown-colored fluid. Since teabags are often produced from the opposite i.e. low grade teas, for example tea dust and leaf fanning’s. Fannings and dust are smaller bits of tea, so that they are in large quantities than entire leaves. A bigger area means more possibilities for that vital oils (which creates tea tasty and fragrant) to escape, making the tea stale and dull. Quality is the main problem with common teabags.

For this reasons loose tea is generally considered far better than teabags. Loose leaf teas are the teas that are not made in a teabag. It has space for water to be absorbed by the tea leaves and enlarge as they infuse, whenever one steep loose-leaf tea. This enables the water to flow via the leaves and remove a broad range of minerals, vitamins, aromas and flavors from tea leaves.

When people buy loose leaf tea, they get the whole package with all their essential oils unchanged and original flavor. In contrast, the tea leaves that one got in tea bags are tea dust and leaf fragments left during the picking and processing of the tea leaves. Tea dust and the dried leaf fragments packed into tea bags do not contains the vital oils present in the loose leaf and are usually of greatly inferior quality when compared with loose tea leaves.

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