Tea Tone Plus Review - Key to Weight Loss Unlocked with Beneficial Tea Extracts


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- Tea Tone Plus is an effective weight loss supplement with all natural ingredients and no negative side effects. The caffeine in tea has always been talked about in the medical community and serves a number of healthy purposes. For instance, its anti oxidant properties have always been held in high regard as well as anti carcinogenic function to fight off the chance of an outbreak of cancerous cells in the body are second to none. Drinking tea has been an art as well as a royal culture in the oriental countries as well as a rich tradition in most countries around the world such as Ireland, Iran and Afghanistan.

Tea-Tone Plus is manufactured by RDK Global Company situated in the US, in an FDA approved facility. The advantage that Tea Tone Plus has over other weight loss supplements with tea extracts is that it encompasses the goodness and weight loss properties of 3 kinds of teas, namely Pu-erh Tea, Green Tea and Oolong Tea. All three type of teas have a rich history and different functions and properties which enhance weight loss.

Pu-erh Tea, who benefits are nothing short of a miracle discovery made way back in 2003 in China, believed to have a treasure biochemical called Lovastatin. Lovastatin is a potent agent which has amazing cholesterol lowering benefits. The amount of Lovastatin somewhat decreases once the Pu-erh tea is brewed in water. But the effects are starkly positive in the fight against cholesterol and well as fighting the outbreak of cancer. Pu-erh Tea is also believed to have exceptionally beneficial properties in controlling diabetes. In a research conducted on two different types of Pu-erh tea, the health benefits associated with either one were similar when the extracted supplement was administered to a group of overweight people. It was concluded that upto 5 to 6 cups of Pu-erh tea or its rough extract in the form of a supplement of 200mg to 300mg was enough to reduce body weight and decrease the fatty tissue slowly and gradually.

The second type of tea found in Tea Tone Plus is green tea. Green tea is different from all other kinds of teas due to its freshness. Other teas are sun dried or fermented while the leaves of green tea undergo a minimal process of withering and being steamed, not brewed. For this reason, green tea leaves have high concentration levels of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a unique and useful catechin associated with fighting against fat cells in the body. Not only does EGCG have remarkable impact on weight loss, it is also beneficial for the fight against cancer and controlling cholesterol. Because of the catechins in green tea, it keeps away many heart diseases and also helps in dissolving blood clots in the bloodstream, curbing high blood pressure, and fighting off atherosclerosis. Besides these functions, diabetic patients equally benefit from the use of green tea. A cup of green tea with a meal enables the body to excrete twice the amount of excess fat or insoluble fat and it exits the body in form of waste. Green tea is a natural anti oxidant and inhibits the release of glucose into bloodstream and instead converts it into glycogen as uses up as an energy fuel. The weight loss benefits of green tea are proven thanks to years of research. Also, the Japanese and Indian locals use this tea for many medical purposes, not only for health but as a detergent, deodorizing purposes etc. The only negative impact associated with green tea is that is induces insomnia due to the content of caffeine however it must be noted that green tea has far less caffeine than there is in coffee. By comparison, a measured 8 ounces of green tea contains only 30 to 60 mg of caffeine while a similar 8 ounces of coffee would contain almost 100mg of caffeine.

The third type of tea in Tea Tone Plus is Oolong tea which originated in the Fuji district of China. Oolong tea is of various types, depending on the tea leaves' age and maturity. There is no one taste which is similar to another. Oolong tea has a distinct fruity flavor and is one of the most expensive teas available in the world. Its taste, just like wine, improves with the passage of time upon fermentation. The advantage that Oolong tea has over other types of tea is that it integrates the qualities of black tea and green tea, in short it gives a super boost to the body with two-in-one beneficial qualities. A study in the University of Tokushima proved that people who drank 2 cups of Oolong tea daily for a month burned 157% more body fat than those who drank the same amount of Green tea.

Another research conducted in China on a group of women showed that out of the 102 participants, all of them reduced body mass in the trial period of 6 weeks. Oolong tea's weight loss factors have been proven by research in China and is slowly gaining popularity in the western world. Research shows how Oolong tea is beneficial for improving weight loss mechanism in the body. The tea contains high amount of Polyphenols, a chemical which is highly concentrated in Oolong tea and holds anti-oxidizing as well as anti-carcinogenic functions. Oolong tea is also very beneficial for maintaining teeth and reducing the chances of tooth decay. The tea is also high in nutrients which enhance the skin. Clearer skin with lesser outbreak of acne, pimples and discoloration is possible with the regular consumption of Oolong tea.

The final most important ingredient in Tea Tone Plus is Rasberry Ketone, registered under the trademark of Razberi-K and has been in the news since it was vouched for on popular TV Health Celebrity on his show. Raspberry Ketones are an excellent source of Adiponectin, a chemical which suppresses appetite thereby curbing untimely food cravings as well as putting the metabolism into a higher speed of action to convert the food intake into energy, use it up more effectively and excrete the wasted fat from the body.

Razberi-K along with the three tea extracts make Tea Tone Plus, a wondrous supplement to boost the weight loss regime!

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