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Teach Anger Management Now - The Ultimate Teachers Tool


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- Joseph Hayes has released yet another program- Teach Anger Management Now. Hayes is more commonly referred to as Counsel Joe. He has to his credit many successful published books and DVDs that deal with the mental aspect of an individual.

The “Teach Anger Management Now” program allows anyone to teach an effective anger management class. Anyone in a profit or nonprofit organization would benefit from this program. Current users range from teachers, Sunday school teachers, home schooling teachers, probation as well as parole officers.

The program has been designed and developed with the intention to provide an individual everything that would be needed for the anger management course. This would include features such as sign in sheets, course descriptions as well as objectives. The “Teach Anger Management Now” program has been used and has been positively reviewed by many counselors. This programs has added an extra source of income for many counselors as they have adopted this as part of their curriculum.

What makes sets this programs different and better than all others is the practical implication of having everything that a person needs to do an anger management class. Hayes has done all the necessary work. The programs is so simple that a person /teacher regardless of their knowledge of anger management, can implement this as soon as possible without doing anything more.

Owners of this programs get to download the two videos which are useful teaching aides and the instructor can also stop the video when required, to allow the class to process the material.

One can get copy of Teach Anger Management Now before it is sold out.

About Counselor Joe
Joseph D. Hayes (MS, NCC & LPC) is a licensed professional counselor practicing in Mount Pleasant, Texas. Currently Counselor Joe works with adolescents and adults. Besides working on a one on one basis with his clients, Joseph has published 3 books and as many DVDs. The topics that have been published, range from weight loss originating in the power of the human mind, anger management and also story for children that teaches them how to make good decisions and interactions. Mr. Hayes’s expertise have been developed in addiction and recovery, depression, anger management and life satisfaction.