TEACH Tea Launches New Website Selling Organic Loose Leaf Tea


Chino Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2013 -- TEACH Tea is a boutique wholesaler of organic, fair trade and specialty teas from China and Northern India. Our gourmet teas are chosen with the tea connoisseur in mind and small retail establishments interested in enhancing their knowledge and tea presentations.

TEACH Teas were created by teachers to help professional communities manage their energy throughout their day. In addition to our tea's exquisite flavor notes, our loose leafs are designed with unique caffeine levels that invigorate your day; to give you an energy boost at a key moment as you work. We also offer teas sans caffeine that simply offer a taste of the best teas on the planet. You choose

TEACH Tea’s Mission is simple: To provide the best organic and fair trade tea to professional communities (and to those tea lovers who know great loose leaf teas!).

TEACH Tea now brings to market 4 robust teas.

Happy Tea for your morning wake up call, Earl Grey Creme to give you an afternoon pick-up (and our best seller) as well as Ethos to settle you down into the evening.Perfect tea by which to enjoy the perfect day.All organic.

The newest blend is Endurance, a tea set on powering you through your next marathon, your journey up Mount Kilimanjaro or your morning Cross Fit training regime. Endurance will give you the staying power you need to keep you going when you need it most. TEACH Tea invites you to experience the high quality of taste, aroma and purity that this tea offers. Enjoy!

TEACH Tea’s new website that sells organic tea products can be found at

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David Schrodetzki
Chino Hills, CA