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Dublin, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- This month sees the new and improved ScienceWithMe.com products being unleashed into the online world of science. Founded in 2002, Science With Me! has become one of the most popular science for kids e-learning sites on the Web. With over 75,000 subscribers the site has proved a hit with kids and parents alike.

The upgrade comes with the opening of a new amazon store: http://www.successinscience.com

Dr. Elva O’Sullivan, founder of Science With Me! explains “Working parents also want to play a part in their kid’s education so the release of all these Kindle products focuses on helping time-strapped parents integrate science into their busy daily routine.”

The ebooks are used by working “out-of-the-home” parents and working “stay-at-home” parents alike. “Time-strapped Mom’s have limited time with their kids so it’s essential that science is incorporated into everyday activities like bath time or when you are doing the laundry,” continues Dr. O’Sullivan.

The beauty of the ebooks, which have accompanying animations

(available from http://www.sciencewithme.com) and songs (available from Amazon or from http://www.sciencewithme.com), is that they can be downloaded onto a portable device and be read when waiting in the dentist or doctors office, at a restaurant etc. The ebooks, songs and animations become a catalyst for a chat about science.

About ScienceWithMe
ScienceWithMe!® is a supplemental teaching tool which parents or teachers can use with the kids in their life. Lucie O’Sullivan, Social Media Manager for ScienceWithMe!®, explains; “I never took much interest in science until my own child started taking an interest. My sister developed these animations and used them to teach her own three kids. So my six year old daughter starting watching them for entertainment and suddenly she was singing about the bones in her body. Now she knows more about her bones then I do!”

“As a busy parent, I can definitely recommend Science With Me! And of course, I would always recommend my sister when it comes to science credentials. I enjoyed science when I was at school but was always a bit intimated by it. There was this perception that science was for egg heads and I definitely wasn’t one of those!” she laughs. It may be an old cliché but science should be fun and Science With Me! definitely proves that it is! Q.E.D.

For more information: http://www.sciencewithme.com
Elva O’Sullivan
Science With Me!