Team ABXCORE Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Start Mass Production of Next Generation Fitness Device for Best Abdominal Workout

ABXCORE is the next generation of ab devices: compact, comfortable, ergonomic, safe, & convenient. Now anyone can get six pack abs in their own home.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2014 -- The ABXCORE provides an abdominal workout that anyone can customize to meet the unique needs of everyone. Standard gyms come up short the standard one-workout-fits-all line of equipment that’s designed for a broad average of people instead of addressing the unique needs of every individual to deliver superior physical performance. Team ABXCORE is seeking crowdfunding via Kickstarter to enable them to bring the ABXCORE to the final stages of product development in order to make it ready for its first production run.

Life today is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle – Too many people assume that 6 pack abs or a flat stomach requires superior health and physical fitness. These days, as lives become increasingly sedentary, people spend more and more time sitting, with their core muscles relaxed. This sedentary time happens at home, in the car and at work. Reversing the trend to eliminate sedentary lifestyles as a barrier, the ABXCORE was designed to smash through that barrier and help anyone engage those core muscles that are normally relaxed while they are sitting. 

The result? Effortless six pack abs. Achieved anywhere and at any time.

Those that dread situps or a grueling visit to the gym can say goodbye to tradition and say hello to modern technology while making fantasy a reality. ABXCORE delivers a peak abdominal workout whether sitting or lying down. Testing done by the University of Southern California Department of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy confirmed that the ABXCORE’s resistance-locking mechanism’s ability to isolate specific muscle groups matches and even exceeds the results of the traditional sit-up.

Their crowdfunding goal of $125,000 will help pay for:
Test, modifications & certifications - $10,000
Injection molding tools - $72,000
First production run - $43,000

This project will only be funded if at least $125,000 is pledged by Sun, Aug 10 2014 12:33 AM +05:30.

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