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"Team Elite" Expert, Debra Menchel of Sacramento CA, Awarded MXI Corp Bronze Leadership Recognition with the 2013 Top Xophoria Review Campaign Xe Healthy Cocoa

Top 10 Professional Recruiter, Debra Menchel, Earns ‘12 Recognition by Xocai Executive Weight Loss Competition | Dependable Healthy Chocolate Nuggets Reno NV


Draper, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- Debra originally had no intention in 2004 of getting into Real estate as an agent. She studied for her license so she would be ahead of everyone else on the investment side of Real Estate. Her and her husband had built a large amount of equity in their home and wanted to invest it in their future and retirement.When she realized she could use the buyers side of the commission that was made from the saleshe knew she could use this  to pay her closing costs on her investments. It seemed to  make sense to sign with a broker and earn her own commissions. It didn't take long for her to figure out after her  first few sales that a big piece of what she was working for was being divided among several other people. It wasn't quite the business model she had envisioned. It wasn't anything thing like she was accustomed to. So she made the decision to move to 100% broker and that it would give her the freedom that she needed to excel. Her husband soon followed and the two of them partnered as buyers agents. She took Internet courses and mentored with her broker and that is where she learned the power and future of marketing herself on the Internet.The teachers and instrutors she studied with taught her the importance of contracts, follow up and customer service. She was quickly able to build a referral base of clients and in just 4 short years she took her sales of $600,000 to over $3,000,000 a year. Her income jumped from a low five figure income to a low six figure income in her fourth year. With the change in the market she went back to working part time and pursued looking at other business opportunities.

Debra was born to a creative and artistic mother that loved crafts, to paint and worked as a hairdresser until she retired. Her father worked in the corporate world in the construction industry. He taught her that hard work, honesty, loyalty and integrity were the staple to life. When her father was diagnosed with RP and was forced out of work because of the loss of his eye sight she saw the devastation that the family endured and she quickly realized that there had to be more. At 16 years of age she set out on her own in search of a life as an entrepreneur. She moved in with a cousin in the city, enrolled in a local high school and landed her first full time job. Through hard work and commitment she graduated and quickly moved up in the corporate service industry.

Debra learned early  that customer service and the whole experience starts from the time the guest walks through the door. There was something fundamental on a human and social level that appealed to her.  The experience of serving food to others and the probability that if she made it a special and memorable night they would return and share their experience with family and friends. It didn't take long to build a regular clientele and be recognized in the industry as a stand out sever. She learned quickly to have their  reserved table ready when they walked through the door. To never make assumptions on their knowledge of wine and food and to be there when they had any questions or wanted advice on pairing. She constantly kept her eyes peeled to make sure they weren't never short of attention and had everything they needed. Her belief was that a good server provides a rhythm to the experience from water and wine refills to the timing of the food so that everyone at the table was having the same experience, attention and service. After 10 years in the industry Debra knew that this experience could expand her talent into a career that would be more financially rewarding.

Moving into a career in sales Debra has been involved in in several jobs where telemarketing and door to door sales were the staple to growing a business. She was able to take her experience from the service industry and apply it to her relationship with her clients. She learned that asking questions and finding their real need would be important to her success.  But she also quickly learned that it was a numbers game. Her first sales job in insurance she came to the realization and  was intrigued with the idea of residual income. After a year of building her business and studying business she sought after something that would take her back to something with a quicker growth potential and more person to person contact. It was then that a longtime Friend that had built a incredible career in Real Estate suggested she look into it and believed she would and could have success in it. 6 years later she had excelled at it and increased her income by 60%. It was then that economy took a turn and the Real Estate market crashed.

3 years earlier a friend of her husbands had introduced them to a product that was marketed through a direct sales model. After her experience with the product for several years. Her increased energy and the amazing way that it had reduced her husband’s cholesterol and the fact that he was no longer pre-diabetic made her want  to take a closer look at the company. When she heard that the company was looking for 50 people for a weight loss study and the launch of a new product she jumped at the chance to be a part of the study. Her  success with the  product and her career with Mxi Corp started. She is now known as one of the Fab 50 and has seen success with both her business partners and customers.,,

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