Team Skirmos Looks to Raise Funds via Kickstarter to Develop the Skirmos Open Source Laser Tag


Takoma Park, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2014 -- Welcome to Skirmos: Skirmish Open Source. Skirmos is an open source laser tag system that can be used for any and every game possible. It has the flexibility to be played indoors or out; in small or large games. Its unique open source nature allows anyone to make their own creative game types. Whether it’s free-for-all or capture the flag, a realistic simulation, or a replica from their favorite video game, Skirmos can be played in any manner players can think of.

The hardware will make Skirmos better than airsoft and lasertag combined. It maintains the realism, range and ruggedness to play outdoors like airsoft, while having the accuracy, feedback, and dynamic cheat-proof game types of lasertag. This means the final design of the systems will include accurate iron sights and a rail system for attachments, for ranges over 500 feet. The most appealing part of the gun is the built-in colored LCD screen. The screen displays important information such as health, ammo, kills/deaths, game timer, and much more.

A prominent feature of Skirmos is that the software controls the hardware. The open source is what makes Skirmos, Skirmos. Players can alter fire modes (Semi-automatic, 3 round burst, automatic, etc), as well as the rate of fire. They can change anything displayed on the LCD screen. Every aspect of the game communicates with the host, while the guns communicate with each other through radio. Skirmos reads input from the trigger, reload button, the IR and RF sensors. Each player will be assigned a special ID, so they can control friendly fire, or even assign the ID different traits like more ammo or less health.

Contributions through Kickstarter will help fund:

Final enclosure/shell design
Final printed circuit board design
First production costs
Future research and development
Software and website
Unexpected setbacks
Future versions of Skirmos.

This project will only be funded if at least$60,000 is pledged by Fri, Apr 4 2014 5:31 PM +05:30.

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