Team Truvolo Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo to Start Smarter Driving

Truvolo connects all the cars and drivers in the family. Drive safely and enjoy peace of mind with Truvolo.


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- How often have you wondered if your kid reached school safely? Wouldn't it be nice if a car told the owner about a mechanical failure before it happened? Do you make it very easy to track your business trips for reporting on taxes? Wouldn't it be nice to know if your car is using more gas of late? How about checking if you need gas on the way home while stuck in a long meeting? Do you have a check engine light on – what does that mean? Truvolo can help answer all these questions.

Truvolo Drive™ is a small device that plugs in to a car's standard diagnostic port. It comes with a free app that users install on their smart phone. The Truvolo app communicates via Bluetooth with the Drive to collect data while they drive and sends it to Truvolo’s secure platform. The platform does all the number crunching and converts the raw data into information that is actually useful to users.

Truvolo provides users with lifetime access to their data and requires no monthly data fee commitment to realize the potential of their features. Truvolo users will also have an option for a premium subscription that provides features above and beyond standard functionality. 

Team Truvolo has been working on Truvolo for over a year and now they need funding support for tooling to enable high volume production. They believe Truvolo Drive™ will be a standard fixture in all cars as connected cars becomes the norm. 

This campaign will only receive funds if at least $100,000USD is raised by its deadline. Funding duration: January 14, 2014 - February 24, 2014 (11:59pm PT).

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