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Tears Behind My Eyes/My Life - Powerful Autobiography by Miles Perkins Exposes Tears, Character and Strength Behind Successful Life

Having lived an emotionally and sexually promiscuous early life, Miles Perkins had his fair share of unforgettable experiences. However, having grown to become a proud patriot who served his country with honor, Miles has had plenty of time to reflect on the pain and strength of character that got him where is today. This is his story.


Cary, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2013 -- As an adult, Miles Perkins’ service to his country has taken him from Operation Desert Storm in the Middle East to looking directly to the eyes of convicted murderers on home soil. However, his early years used promiscuity, anger and many mistakes to ultimately build the foundations that make him the successful man he is today.

Writing about his life for the first time, Miles opens up about his coming-of-age and proves that anyone with diligence can use the mistakes of their past as a springboard for a fruitful future.


Tears Behind My Eyes an autobiography of Miles Perkins. Miles talks about his life’s experiences starting with his childhood. Many different experiences, interwoven together, set the stage, to produce the tears, character and strength behind the man who lives today! Many of us never know or understand why people are the way that they are today. We certainly don’t understand why the same events can happen to two people and affect them very differently.

Miles was exposed to a lascivious lifestyle at a very early age. His experiences shaped his thinking and dealings with women that afforded him the extraordinary fantasy like experiences that undoubtedly were pleasurable at times but made it very difficult to maintain and cultivate meaningful relationships. Miles explores his past, his feelings and those cataclysmic experiences that seem to turn his world upside down at times. From having a brief relationship with stardom as a young rapper to being caught up in a ménage trios that seemed to get the best of him at times.

The absence of his father didn’t help. Though his father was physically in the picture, he wasn’t emotionally. His father’s identity seemed to be wrapped up in his ability to provide for his family and when he could no longer do so, he took to the bottle and began to take out his frustrations on his wife and kids, abusively of course. No wonder why Miles would end up a rebellious kid, searching for love in all the wrong places, and running to escape the difficulties and challenges of low income city life; which is why Miles ended up joining the Marines. Miles learned a valuable lesson during boot camp, learning to control his anger, a skill he would treasure for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, some of his old ways made it into the Corp, so he still pursued a promiscuous lifestyle. Though he desperately tried to maintain his relationship with his wife, he couldn’t rid his taste buds of the allure of women. No doubt, these affairs would have a devastating effect on any relationship he found himself in.

These are just a few moments in the life of Mr. Miles Perkins. Tears Behind My Eyes is painfully funny, interesting and worth sharing with the world. It exposes Miles’ weaknesses, his strength, and tells how he grew into his size 13 shoes.

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“There is a saying ‘a good book does more than simply entertain, it leaves you mentally richer than when you started it’. This true life ‘short’ story gives the reader a glimpse into the mind of the author, from a childhood shaped in pain and abuse, mixed in with the fun times of growing up with friends, his love and protection of his mother, to an adulthood spent serving his country while in the Marines, the trials and tribulations that come with Military family life, all the while chasing the need to have sex,” says Susan, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Another reader, Jerrice Owens, was equally as impressed. They said, “I was very impressed with the overall message of this story, being that you can't keep a good man down. I saw various points where the average person would have melted but being that the character was strengthened at an early age, he delivers a strong message of perseverance.”

‘Tears Behind My Eyes/My Life’, published by CreateSpace, is available now: http://amzn.to/126Apby


About the Author: Darryl Miles Perkins
Darryl Miles Perkins, born April 23, 1966 in Detroit, MI, at Sinai Hospital. That was a great day. The schools I attended were: Fisher, Marktwain, Bennet, Boynton, Randolph Vocational School and Southwestern. After high school I worked for a few years before joining the United States Marine Corps in May 1988. From '88 to '01, I traveled the world and saw many countries: Okinawa Japan, Yokosuka Japan, Bali Indonesia, Philippines-Subic bay/Manila,Thailand, Brisbane Australia, Middle East/Doha/Bahrain/Oman/Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates/Abu Dhabi/Dubai, Bangladesh, Djibouti Africa, Hawaii, Korea, Singapore and Canada.