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Tears in the Sand: Former Private Investigator's Thrilling New Detective Series Spins Modern-Day Mysteries Into Classic Genre

Masterfully crafted by Laura Burke, ‘The Masson Murder Mystery Series’ is a cocktail of gripping detective work, unlikely romance and dead body or two thrown in to tie it all together. Volume one, ‘Tears in the Sand’, follows Masson himself, as yet another of his assistants is murdered. He didn’t ever expect to be investigating so many deaths of his own team members, and the costs for solving this mystery could be higher than any previously faced.


Wilton Manors, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2014 -- While the mystery genre has been a staple of the literary landscape for generations, readers and critics are currently crying out for material that is wholly-unique and doesn’t succumb to recycling of the “same-old” concepts. Thankfully, author Laura Burke is stepping up to the plate with gusto, with a new series of detective mystery novels that bring a classic genre up to speed with the modern day.

‘The Masson Murder Mystery Series’ throws readers onto the streets of New York for a string of murders that just can’t be explained. ‘Tears in the Sand’ is volume one, forcing the detective to deal with yet another death that’s extremely close to home.


Someone’s killing the richest men and women in the world, and they’re doing it in the most inexplicable way. New York City Detective Masson was a lone wolf. It had been 15 years since the murder of his last, and only partner. Faced with the most diabolical case he’d ever encountered involving a strange poison that caused the corpses to age abnormally fast, he took a risk and joined forces with a female rookie. And then, the unthinkable happens, his worst fear is realized, and she too is murdered.

More determined than ever to solve the case or die trying, Detective Masson comes face-to-face with the madness when a mysterious woman is spotted in each of the cities where the murders occurred. He tracks her down in Colorado but finds no solid evidence that she committed the murders herself, and her evasive answers to his questions only baffle him. At what cost, what higher price must Detective Masson pay in order to solve the case?

“I had to strike a very fine balance with this series,” explains Burke, a prolific writer. “I wanted to attract people who love the classic-style murder mystery novels, but advance the genre by making it something more modern. There’s technology and poisons featured that you won’t see anywhere else, and this is vital to differentiate my work from the thousands of other murder mystery novels being released.”

Continuing, “I spent years working as a PI and collaborated with numerous Police departments and other agencies to close dozens of cases. The skills I picked up along the way heavily influence my writing and allow me to create narratives from a position of authority that few can.”

The author’s previous work has garnered critical acclaim. For example, D.M. Littlefield comments, “Laura Burke is a master of suspense, thrills and chills.”

With the next book in the series currently on the writing table, interested readers are urged to purchase volume one as soon as possible.

‘Tears in the Sand’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1qJ5wpg.

For more information, excerpts and details of previous releases, visit the author’s official website: http://authorlauraburke.blogspot.com.

About the author, in her own words
I have always been and always will be a storyteller. Since childhood, I have dreamed of becoming an author. Now, as I see my stories in print, my dream has become my reality. Since I was eight years old, mysteries have been my passion, especially murder mysteries. So much so, that after working as a nurse for twenty years, I became a Private Investigator. I worked in close contact with police officers and detectives on several closed-case files with amazing results. I currently reside in Florida with my husband. I have two children, five grandchildren, and six great grandchildren.