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Tears of Silence: Life-Changing New Book Helps Readers Break the Cycle of Silence, Overcome Molestation, & Lower Suicidal Rates.

As a victim of immense grief, molestation and low self-esteem, Lakisha Louissaint knows all too well how suppressing traumatic experiences can ruin a victim’s life beyond repair. In her raw, frankly-honest yet uplifting new book, Louissaint breaks her own silence in the hope that it will inspire others to do the same.


Troy, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- While everyone experiences pain and adversity, those who suppress life’s trauma and suffer in silence can quickly become chronically depressed, unable to function normally or even driven to suicide. Having suffered her own unfathomable setbacks and suffered further due to her diligent silence, author Lakisha Louissaint is no stranger to the feeling of hopelessness and irreparability.

However, through her bold new memoir, Louissaint has a life-changing message for those choosing to suffer in silence – life can get better, and it starts with accepting that no one is alone and having Faith. ‘Tears of Silence: How to conquer your pain. Before it conquers you’ was written straight from her heart.


Louissaint breaks the silence that was suffocating the life out of her. She shares what others are not willing to say or dare share with the world. As she breaks her silence, she frees herself of the pain that she went through. She shares the struggle of losing her mother, molestation, low self-esteem, promiscuity, and much more.

By sharing her testimony, Louissaint intends to help lower suicidal rates, expose child molesters, and help break the cycle of silence that drives others to abuse drugs and alcohol in order to suppress the pain/pains they are feeling. Depression and suicide are at an all-time high since those who are hurting feel alone and are silenced and paralyzed by their traumatic experiences. Louissaint wants the world to know that they are not alone. Louissaint says to the world, "You are now free to speak!"

The author is confident that her book is vital to current society. “My Faith literally helped me through every situation,” says Louissaint.

“Depression and suicide rates are at an all-time high, especially among young people. Those supressing life’s trauma are often unaware that the stress it causes could be their silent killer. Silence is literally deadly,” says Louissaint.

Continuing, “Not acknowledging the pain doesn’t mean that it is not there– it simply means that it is waiting for some external or internal trigger to make it resurface and take you down to a depth that is lower than anything you’ve experienced before. Silencing the pain is not an option – my book explains how readers can open up about their experiences, seek the treatment they need and turn their lives into a fruitful existence beyond their wildest dreams.”

To accompany her book, the author also maintains a website with a wealth of resources for those seeking solace.

“From further details of my own experiences to vital scripture, my website is a growing resource for those looking to change their lives and end their pain. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the book and will continue to expand over time,” Louissaint adds.

‘Tears of Silence’ is available now: http://amzn.to/JuWrhp.


For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.lakishalouissaint.com.

About Lakisha Louissaint
Louissaint was born in Troy, Alabama in 1978. She is the mother of two wonderful teenage boys one in which is diagnosed with Autism and let's not forget she is also a wife. Louissaint's mother passed away when she was six/seven years old from Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and in that traumatic experience was left a wounded, lonely, and love seeking little girl longing for that unconditional love that only her mother would be able to give her. Her attention was not as it should have been in school due to decisions that she made that would eventually come back to revisit her. Louissaint dropped out of high school her senior year; however, at the age twenty-five Louissaint received her GED and later enrolled in to college, where she is now a senior awaiting to complete her degree in Collaborative Education.