New Tech Reviews, News and Opinions on the Electronic Frontier Is the Stock-in-Trade for


Sunndalsøra, Norway -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2013 -- “Rather than spending time with a Google search and looking all over the Internet, we bring people what they are looking for in one place,” said Petter Kindsbekken, Founder. “We’re among the first to post reviews for the new smart phones and we give you head-to-head comparisons of the newest ones. You get straight information and advice so you can make an informed decision.”

The website also covers news about the information superhighway, including piracy actions and laws and what leaders in the industry are doing. A recent news piece discussed the IMAGINE BitTorrent leaders and the prison sentences and fines they were looking at.

“This is important news for people on the Internet. Regardless of your views on the sharing of information, copyright laws do exist and are enforced. People are fined and do go to jail when they break these laws. This is information people need to know,” said Petter Kindsbekken.

For those just interested in what’s hot, the website offers a TRENDING bar across the top of the home page. Just click one of the various topics to jump right to the discussion and articles.

Petter Kindsbekken said the trending section is something regular readers appreciate.

The website also looks at the corporation behind the electronics and the internet. Google, MicroSoft, and Apple have permanent spaces at the top of the home page because this trio of global companies dominates the tech and Internet industries.

“We don’t leave out other players like Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and others, but when you compare their impact to the big three, they are second string players,” Petter Kindsbekken said. “We’re not slighting anyone, we’re just listing the requested information first.”

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