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Technical Flyer Describes YMC-Triart Prep Bio200 C8 Separation Media for Insulin and Peptide Purification


Allentown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/24/2020 -- YMC has recently developed a YMC-Triart phase specifically designed for medium and large-scale purification of insulin and other peptides. This new stationary phase is described in a new technical flyer from YMC America.

YMC-Triart Prep Bio200 C8 is an extension of the YMC-Triart product line that shares the fundamental advantages of the YMC-Triart hybrid base particle. YMC included certain product features designed specifically to improve results with insulin/peptide purification.

The novel inorganic/organic hybrid silica is common to all the YMC-Triart phases.

The flyer reviews the importance of the physical strength of YMC-Triart media. The results of a YMC study reveal little change in column pressure even after repeated packing-unpacking-repacking cycles. This is evidence of the mechanical durability of the material, as few fines are created during packing and unpacking.

Mechanical durability also contributes to the successful use of Triart Prep Bio200 C8 with dynamic compression columns — most typically, dynamic axial compression [DAC] columns. Dynamic compression applies pressure to the packed bed to keep it uniformly organized, but the pressure can damage – literally fracture – conventional silica-based phases. This can lead to increases in column backpressure and degradation of separation performance.

The flyer also shows a second important advantage of YMC-Triart Prep Bio200 C8: chemical stability. The media is stable at any pH between 1 to 10 (regular use) and up to pH 12 for clean-in-place. This stability facilitates the use of alkaline (or acidic) cleaning in place (CIP) protocols at extreme pH that would be too harsh for conventional media. The flyer shows the results of a test involving 300 cycles of alkaline CIP.

The flyer also discusses two additional properties of YMC-Triart Prep Bio200 C8 as they relate specifically to peptide purification.

By using shorter chain C8 (USP designation L7) stationary phase chemistry, YMC-Triart Prep Bio200 C8 is measurably less retentive than C18 (ODS) materials often used for peptide purification. This provides reduction of fraction volume and can help reduce time spent performing post chromatography processes such as condensation and lyophilization.

The second characteristic is that YMC-Triart Prep Bio200 C8 has a particle pore size of 200Å. Typical pore size for reversed-phase media is 120Å – this can be too small for good results with peptide molecules of 5-50 amino acids. On the other hand, a pore size of 300Å, generally considered useful for proteins and intact antibodies, is larger than optimal for peptide purification.

For a copy of the technical flyer, contact info@ymcamerica.com or call 888-341-8380.

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