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Technical Operation Careers – Talented Professionals Adapting to an Evolving Sector


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2021 -- One of the key profiles in any industry is the technical operations profile who is responsible for planning and executing the technical components of a project. Individuals working in this sector look after improving the production and quality of the goods and services provided by the company. In today's industrialized world, there are plenty of opportunities for technical operations and with the arrival of advanced technology in the manufacturing sector, the role has greatly diversified and evolved over time. Candidates for this sector need to have the knowledge of the underlying service technology to coordinate and implement corrective measures during any major incident. In addition, the steady growth of the manufacturing industry has led to an increased demand for candidates who are not only experienced but also willing to adapt to the latest advancements in the sector. Companies who struggle to find suitable professionals have faced challenges to meet business goals and keep themselves in the race.

DSJ Global has been in the forefront of logistics and technical operations recruitment, providing the best-fit candidates and professionals for a plethora of roles and responsibilities in this sector. Partnering with leading corporates and emerging start-ups, they have managed to create a massive network, providing candidates and businesses alike with the desired results. With their highly capable team of experienced consultants, they have been able to provide suitable talent to the complex recruitment and hiring needs of many businesses. By prioritizing training and development, they aim at keeping their in-house consultants up to date with the ongoing market trends and enhance their abilities to discover ideal candidates for the most challenging responsibilities.

Statistics show that many businesses struggle to implement strategic technical operations primarily due to the absence of the right quality of professionals. Falling behind their targets, they eventually shut down largely due to their inability to adapt to advancing technological developments in the industry. Technical operations largely rely on candidates who have acquired the technical expertise needed, but due to major fluctuations in the market, businesses struggle to acquire apt professionals and end up failing. With DSJ Global, companies can hire candidates best suited for the complex technical operations profiles and enable their businesses to grow and expand.

A decent talent quality is must and DSJ Global, a part of the Phaidon International group, has been paving the way for revolutionary progress in talent acquisition, aiding start-ups, small and medium level businesses and large corporates deal with the fluctuating market trends and meet their needs and requirements. With more than 750 employees and consultants based in more than 12 office locations globally, DSJ global has been the preferred recruitment partner for more than a decade, for businesses looking for the best logistics and technical operations professionals.

"Like many sectors, 2020 marked a defining moment for recruitment. Challenged by uncertainty, but unwavering in our commitment to our clients, we enter 2021 with a sense of duty to clients and candidates", commented Kieran Behan, Managing Director at DSJ Global. He went on to say, "as we reflect on the challenges of virtually securing and retaining talent, we're inspired by a team who have demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt and continue to help all our clients secure top talent on a global scale."

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DSJ Global is a leading specialist recruitment agency providing permanent, contract, and multi-hire recruitment solutions across the supply chain, procurement, technical operations, and logistics. As part of the Phaidon International group, they work alongside 70+ world-leading companies as their preferred recruitment partner to secure talent. The company has spent years building relationships with the top directors, managers, logisticians, buyers, and engineers in procurement and supply chains to create an exclusive network of potential candidates.

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