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The Harrisburg PA G3 Chocolatier Review Board Reports That Seattle Food Scientist, Terry Wakefield, Completed a Proprietary Fact Analysis of Xocai Healthy Cacao

LogoModern food scientists and technologists are versatile, interdisciplinary and collaborative practitioners in a profession at the crossroads of scientific and technological developments.  As our food system has drastically changed, from one centered around family food production and preservation on individual farms to the modern system of today, most people are no longer connected to their food nor are they familiar with the agricultural production and food manufacturing processes designed for providing higher quality, safe food.  In the United States, food science is typically studied at “land-grant” universities which were chartered in the mid-1800’s to support agricultural and technical education.

Mod Girl Marketing Announces Newly Re-Launched Branding Packages

LogoMod Girl Marketing is announcing a re-launch of its branding packages for businesses.

Wholesale2b Proves to Be an Easy One-Stop-Shop for Entrepreneurs Hoping to Start a Dropship Business

LogoWho hasn’t wandered onto Amazon to buy a book, a Bonzi tree, or a barbecue and wondered, “Hey, how do you get to be a seller? This looks like a fun way to make some money.” What’s more, how many people then talk themselves out of it assuming it’s too labor intensive or too costly? No longer are any of these concerns warranted thanks to a dropship one-stop-shop called Wholesale2b. With the ease of one membership online entrepreneurs can avoid having to deal with hosting issues, website developers, product suppliers and the personnel needed to update scads of products on a daily basis. Taking the administrative labor out of online selling, Wholesale2b acts like a dedicated assistant to virtually run their member’s dropship businesses.

Funnel Boost Media Provides the Entire Tech Package Needed for Any Small Business in the San Antonio Area

Funnel Boost Media is one of the best online marketing agencies in the San Antonio area, because they don’t skimp on any areas that small businesses need to succeed. They start with a focus on San Antonio SEO, getting locals to find your business, in turn increasing revenue. SEO is one of the most difficult parts for small businesses since most people have difficulty understanding the intricacies of moving up search engine rankings.

Miradore Disrupts the Mobile Device Management Market by Launching a Free MDM Cloud Solution

Miradore is launching a new free cloud-based solution for mobile device management (MDM), to help companies manage the increasing number of mobile devices. Miradore’s cloud solution allows companies to manage the security settings and configurations of all mobile devices that handle sensitive company information, and it also keeps an up-to-date inventory of the devices. The new solution will be offered free of charge, and delivered from the Miradore cloud located in Finland.

Upstart the Little Cloud Company Helps Innovate Tech Landscape with Affordable Web Content Aimed at Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

Newly launched online resource The Little Cloud Company offers small- to medium-sized businesses proprietary content for their websites. The company’s novel approach is designed to empower businesses by providing them access to the very same tools that major corporations utilize—at an affordable price, under a single domain.

Increase Business Profitability with Encore Media's Video Production Tips

Video marketing has emerged to be one of the most profitable promotional activities for various businesses and companies. A video can work wonders for a business, when used and created intelligently considering all the vital factors at the time of video production. Encore Media has been helping companies create such creative and effective videos that have grabbed the audience's attention ever since they have been uploaded. Such Corporate videos give a boost to the number of audiences wanting to visit the website and avail the products and services. Encore Media reveals the core Video Production Tips that will help in increasing the business profitability.

Tempus Gems Opens Showroom in MGH Mall, Saket

One of India’s oldest and most established jewelry houses, Tempus Gems recently launched their new showroom in Delhi. Located in Saket’s MGH Mall, Meher Collection as the showroom has been christened, would greatly benefit from the high footfall location.

Richard W. Hechter & Associates, LLC in Minneapolis, Minnesota Announces Its New "JDs for MDs" Department and Website

Richard W. Hechter & Associates, LLC in Minneapolis, Minnesota announces its new "JDs for MDs" department and website. The firm targets to reach more clients who are looking for quality tailored and confidential services.

In Support of America's Veterans: Let's Work

Get My Vet a Job is launching a needed campaign, "In Support of America's Veterans: Let's Work!" This campaign will aggressively call companies, organizations, business leaders, social media leaders on the Federal, State, and Local levels. Not for new programs, but for their support to once and for all address the employment, unemployment, under-employment and unprepared Men and Women of our Armed Forces both active and retired.

First Marketing Company That Delivers Results BEFORE They Invoice a Client

Nexpromo announces the revolutionary way of delivering results in marketing for a small business, Nexpromo is a one of a kind pay per call marketing company which invoices a client only after they have successfully delivered the result they have promised. The concept of a pay per lead marketing company came forth after the people behind Nexpromo realized the state of online marketing now a days many a so called local business consultants tend to over charge small businesses without providing any results, this means that the small business owners end up paying for fraudulent clicks or Ads therefore paying much more than they had bargained for. to Provide Large Selection of Credit Cards Online

Credit card availability is presented to people at this site, which offers all types of credit cards. The types included are business card, cash back card, airline credit card, frequent flyer card, gas credit card, excellent credit card and more. Also provided is a list of credit cards suitable for those who have less than perfect credit or bad credit. Also, people can use the site for procuring their credit card score, repairing a credit report, or getting identity theft protection. There are also card offers for students, including those in high school and college levels.

New eBay Promotion Codes for February 2014 Available Online at the Blog Post

There is some good news for discount and deal seekers. offers them the opportunity to save huge amounts of money with its recent disclosure of the full list of this month’s eBay coupon codes and deals. Those who visit the blog will gain access to detailed information and links to each of the promotions.

New Ebay Coupon Codes in February 2014 Posted on has released inclusive list of this month’s Ebay discounted deals and coupon codes with comprehensive information and links located at It is given that several websites have been offering discounted deals and offers but not all inform people on how to redeem discounts and coupons accordingly. Deals that are provided by online stores such as Ebay have been changing drastically and not all sites can adjust with the changes.

Ebenefit Private Marketplace Offers Employers of All Sizes a Solution to Employee Benefits

Logoebenefit Marketplace a national provider of Private Benefit Marketplaces has a solution to employers of all sizes ranging in size from 2+. The online platform which offers full administration capability for smaller employer as well as the flexibility to ease the burden on HR professionals in larger organizations.

New Ebay Redemption Codes in February 2014 Blog Post on has just announced the launch of two brand new eBay 2014 coupon code and promo collections onto their website. The first of these is a full, comprehensive list of all eBay February 2014 coupon deals, while the latter is a user guide on hunting down eBay deals.

New Survivalist and Prepper Focused Affiliate Program Announced by, the premier online portal for affiliate marketing offers in the survivalist and disaster preparedness niche, today announced the launch of the Family Survival Plans affiliate program.

Vidsaved Offers Record-Breaking Speed for Downloading YouTube Videos

Vidsaved is a new program that is specialized in downloading YouTube videos from streaming sites. While it is not the first time that a tool to download YouTube videos has been introduced, this particular downloader has been recorded to provide quicker results and is done in a simple method. The result is – free YouTube videos within half the time normally taken.

AEGIS Security & Investigations Now Accepts Bitcoin

LogoAEGIS Security & Investigations, Inc. has acquired and will immediately begin offering private investigator services to clients preferring payment with Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Private Investigator – AEGIS Security & Investigations, Inc. is actively engaged in providing investigative services to corporate and private clients. With professional investigators specializing in infidelity and family law, civil litigation, and criminal prosecution and defense, AEGIS is prepared to meet and exceed clients’ needs.

Investment Crowdfunding Poised to Take off in 2014

It has been predicted that Crowdfunding is going to be a big source of small business investment capital in the near future and the growth isn’t going to be limited to the United States. Along with the community in the USA, the European business community is turning to Crowdfunding as a major source of capital. During the year 2012, the popular website called pulled in $100 million from small investors. To date, many have been raising money on Kickstarter. Despite it all, while investment Crowdfunding is poised to take off this year, there are still many uncertainties that remain.

Tiq Becomes Registered Trademark: Start-Up Email Provider Aims to Protect Intellectual and Creative Branding Rights

Tiqqed, a start-up email provider intent on changing the way the world communicates, has just announced the acceptance of their trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. “We’re excited, for sure,” says Charles Catania, TIQQED Director of Public Relations. “This is another step in our journey towards changing the way the world communicates. TIQ is more than a word. It is an ideology. When you send a TIQ, you are sending a message to the world: Email as we know it is not working.”

Rootjazz Announces Launch of New Music Promotion Application Soundcloud Manager

Rootjazz, a software development company that specializes in music promotion programs is pleased to announce the release of Soundcloud Manager, a fully automated Soundcloud promotion web application. “We are extremely happy with the initial reaction to Soundcloud Manager and anticipate it to be one of our strongest selling applications. Soundcloud provides artists with a great platform to showcase their talents and manage their music in one place. It has become such a popular destination for individuals looking for new talent so having a strong presence on the site is something that is very important for an emerging artist,” stated Martin Thompson of Rootjazz.

Tiqqed, Tech Start-Up, Revolutionizes Pricing Model, Makes Service Available on Worldwide Scale

Tiqqed, a start-up email provider intent on changing the way the world communicates, has just announced a new pricing model. “A new model? Absolutely. We’re attempting to make the service affordable for professionals of all stripes. In previous models, you got to send 20 TIQs free of charge. Well, we’ve expanded that out to a three month trial. It just makes sense. It gives folks a chance to get to know the service like we do,” says Tiqqed Director of Public Relations, Chuck Catania.

Customized Motivational Posters Easy to Create with New Website

Motivational posters have become extremely popular due to how simple it is to send an important message. Whether used for support groups, counseling waiting rooms, churches, or offices, motivational posters are a great way to get someone to start thinking about what matters in life. A new website,, has recently launched and provides a simple and cost-saving process to create customized motivational posters.

Entirely Enhanced osCommerce to Zen Cart Migration Opportunities

Cart2Cart - web based migration service presents notably improved possibilities for osCommercetoZenCartmigration. Henceforth, store owners can benefit from additional options such as preserve order IDs on a target store and create product variants, based on combinations of attribute values.