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Finding a Good VoiceOver Artist Makes for Effective Web Videos for Businesses

LogoVoiceovers aren't just for movie trailers or department store commercials anymore. A perfect tone of voice completes the story of an audio commercial or sales video. Many hundreds of voiceover professionals exist in every part of the country ready to lend just the right tone to the smallest business's marketing efforts. The cost is low. The benefit is high.

Central Virginia Regional MLS and Instanet Solutions Ink Long Term Contract

The Central Virginia Regional MLS (CVR MLS), majority owned and operated by the Richmond Association of REALTORS® (RAR), the area’s largest professional real estate organization, announced today a long-term agreement with Instanet Solutions.

UK Caravans Direct Announce the Launch of Their Innovative New Website

UK Caravans Direct Ltd are proud to announce the completion of their new website, which allows users to sell their static caravans directly to UK Caravans Direct Ltd or list it on eBay through their innovative direct listings portal.

Which Is the Best Cryptocurrency for Fun and Profit: Examining the Dogecoin, a Reasonably New Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have been a subject of interest to many people recently, with some hype and disappointments revolving around the more popular types of Cryptocurrencies, people are shifting toward the other types of digital currencies, among which the Dogecoin is indicated to be a solid contender as the best Cryptocurrency for both profit and fun.

I Buy Caravans Ltd Announce a New Website over the Horison

Veteran Static Caravan franchise “I Buy Caravans Ltd” has announced it will be launching a new website this 2014 to make it easier for its customers to sell their used static caravans.

Internet Identity Card Protects Individual Identity

As per official reports identity theft on virtual world is one of the major concerns for web users. If we look into the data, the situation is alarming. According to US data of 2013, approximately every two seconds one identity was stolen. CREDOC, a reputed organization in Paris, states that in France nearly 200 000 individuals were victimized per year. Internet usage has been increased dramatically with the advent of social media networks. There is no strict law that can monitor the domine or website creators. This has let the fraudulent sites to mingle with genuine sites. If anyone is facing problem with hacking or identity crisis, they can report to the webmaster. But it is a tedious process that no one wants to follow.

Migration Insurance - Be Sure in Migration Result

An automated shopping cart migration service Cart2Cart provides more guarantees for accurate data transfer. Lately it has announced about new option of Migration Insurance with more advantages for those e-merchants who want to change their shopping cart safely.

Ming Jong Tey Launches iTunes Online Business Podcast Detailing Ways to Supercharge an Online Business

LogoThere is no magic trick or instant formula to succeeding online; it takes determination to really learn the techniques from the experts, coupled with a constant drive to achieve business goals. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges in online entrepreneurship is the overwhelming amount of information that online marketers are told to digest, as well as the countless methods that need to be implemented to become successful. Making it even more of a daunting task is that many of such information are, in fact, junk that actually do more good than harm.

Trulium, Denver Website Design Firm Launches New E-Commerce Website for Peacock Parfumerie

LogoTrulium, a web development company in Denver, has been highly successful in creating a difference in website performance. Their website designers enable clients with powerful tools and insightful strategies that help to generate leads and business. Trulium created Peacock Parfumerie's website as a responsible design, making the site fully Mobile Accessible by all devices. They also built a custom store locator for the website, and added a robust E-Commerce store.

Peak Power Ranking Launches 30K Page Site with Pages to Lease

Industry statistics indicate 90% of all people research their purchase online prior to making a major buying decision. Furthermore, 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. With this in mind, Peak Power Ranking has launched a campaign to help the small businessman build a powerful website and achieve the ranking they need.

Vanilla RSVP Launches Allowing Individuals to Collect Wedding RSVPs with Free Online Tool

Weddings are a major milestone event in people’s lives, but such a large scale event cannot be achieved without a daunting amount of preparation and logistics. Establishing who is coming can in itself be overwhelming, with paper invites to be sent and physical RSVPs required often not turning up until the last minute, being lost in the post or even forgotten about with the passage of time. Vanilla RSVP allows people to create a wedding website to host their wedding RSVPs and use an online format to collect this information easily and instantly.

International Satellite Services Extends Range of Satellite Telecommunications Solutions

In the days of high speed 4G mobile internet, it’s increasingly hard to imagine ever being disconnected for those who spend their time in developed urban areas. However, most of the world still has a complete absence of even mobile signal, much less internet. For the new generation of digital nomads who earn their living online while travelling the world or for those involved in aid work is remote areas, satellite communications can make all the difference, and International Satellite Services Inc. can provide the latest generation of communications tech with the BGAN satellite transmitter.

Laureate Trust Starts IAC/Interactive (IACI) Owner of Tinder at Strong Buy

LogoLaureate BVI has initiated coverage on IAC/Interactive with a Strong Buy, the new recommendation is based on the latest quarter which showed it’s dating app Tinder growing by over 400 percent.

Find out Confidential Data Such as Inmate and Arrest Information from

Gaining access to criminal records within a jiffy is now possible with a convenient website. reviews this useful website which offers a host of information regarding crimes and criminals committing them. Criminal records containing varied kinds of crimes committed by people can be found on, these include misdemeanors, felonies, traffic violations, sex offender listings, arrest records, conviction records, parole and probation violations and inmate records, among many others. Shows You How to Find the Best Inmate Information and Criminal Records of Almost Every Kind

If you are wondering how to go about finding criminal records of someone in the most convenient and affordable manner possible, then is the website to visit. illustrates the ways to gain various kinds of information regarding inmates, arrest inquiry, arrest search inmate search, inmate locator, inmate lookup, etc., through Announces DBHawk SQL Database Query Tools

Most commonly utilized for database development and management, Oracle SQL Developer is an integrated development environment simplifying design and maintenance of an Oracle database. Capitalizing on the Internet based platforms; spokesperson Dave Shaw recently announced the launch of their new web based SQL Database Query Tool. Formerly DBAConnect, their new product is now called DBHawk.

NCS, an Oracle Consultancy in London Offers Database Support to Make Network Resources More Accessible

LogoDatabase management has always been a time consuming and difficult task for businesses. To keep the database in secure and safe hands, one needs to trust the authorities. In addition, NCS clients will always feel comfortable in outsourcing their business technology and they are a partner of proven expertise and reliability who will proactively and preventatively support one’s database.

A Unique Online Marketplace Created for Buying & Selling Unusual Gifts

People always love gifts and love to offer gifts that are close to one’s heart. This is the reason why people love to find exceptional gifts to please someone. Now, finding Unusual Gifts is no more a daunting task with a unique platform, Giggling Hedgehogs has been created not only for buying gifts, but one can also sell their gifts online. This unique online platform will thus serve the purpose of both buyers and sellers, allowing them to exchange their unique gifting ideas globally.

Continuum Launches New Website on Personalised Number Plates

Personalised number plates are currently experiencing an upswing in their value, and more people are looking at these plates not just as personal marketing or a beloved accessory for their car, but a form of investment. Creative number plates can retain and increase their value over time, and those who register these plates and make them stand to see a return on their investment should they sell it later in life. Continuum is a website that helps people looking for a number plate maker to identify one at a fraction of the cost of mainstream providers.

Promotion Codes 2013 Launches New Promo Codes on Diet Products for 2014

While the economic downturn continues to drag out, many people are finding their money has to stretch further and go online in search of discount codes before they make a purchase to see if they can find a bargain. When it comes to promo codes on health, fitness and weight loss products, Promotion Codes 2013 quickly established a great reputation with users for its regular updates and in-date discount codes. Now 2014 has arrived the website is making even more effort to bring the latest and best deals to its loyal readership base.

Team of Artists Led by Chiara Bartolomeo Look to Create Illustrated Website Backgrounds with Funding Support From Indiegogo.   

LogoWonderful illustrated backgrounds for websites. A new way to make an unforgettable website! 

MiBlurb Offers Users a Chance to Connect, Share Their Passions with Others and Advocate for Their Cause is a new website that lets users create a unique room to highlight those things they are interested in and connect to others who share the same interests. The site has been called a platform for advocacy by some because it allows those who sign up to advocate for the causes they are most passionate about. The creators of MiBlurb hope to build a community of passionate advocates all interacting together to make their individual space and society as a whole a bit better place to live in.

Simple Steps IT Launches a Series of Podcasts to Help Interested Individuals Understand and Easily Implement Google AdWords

In a world that is so charged with and highly dependent in internet connections, internet marketing has evolved to becoming just as useful and important, if not more, than traditional marketing forms. In such a scenario, Google AdWords, an exclusive Google advertising system that allows interested individuals to advertise their products and services through creative use of keywords online, is quickly gaining popularity as a means for organizations to acquire better leads and more customers.

Wavicle Announces the Addition of George Cigale, Founder of, as Strategic Advisor

Wavicle Inc., an enterprise game-based eLearning company, announces the addition of George Cigale, Founder of, to the position of Strategic Advisor beginning today.

Digital Marketing Company Presents Seasonal Promotional Strategies

LogoWith Valentine's Day and future holidays in mind, Ballantine Digital is presenting solid strategies to harness the power of seasonal marketing. All types of businesses can find creative ways to focus their current marketing campaigns on upcoming seasonal events such as spring, St. Patrick's Day and more.