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Cyber Security Expert John McAfee Uses and Trusts RakEM for His Private Messages

LogoRakEM, the world's most secure messenger, is now trusted and used every day by cyber security pioneer and expert John McAfee. Recently the largest messenger announced availability of end-to-end encryption for messages on their system – a necessity that was built into RakEM from our original launch – but there are still many questions around the data being collected by them and their parent.

Jupiter Support Warns That Ransomware Is Here to Stay

Scottsdale-based IT support company Jupiter Support today warned users of a growing threat to their computer's integrity—ransomware. Ransomware is a form of malware that can infect and lock out areas of a PC from the user until they pay a sum of money to regain access. Whether a small sum like $34 or even thousands of dollars, online crooks have taken to this scam like a duck to water—and it is the average computer user who is suffering. Introduces Remote IT Solutions to a Large Customer Base

In order to have a fully functional IT system, an establishment needs the help of a reliable consultant to take care of any issues. Clients who are in the medical, law or finance sectors can consider the aforementioned website for computer tech support. It is believed to one of the most experienced Companies that provide PC support and ensure that there are no long term repercussions of any such issue.

Job Applicants of All Levels Utilizing CRG

CRG is one of the best network of consultants and recruiters in High Point, NC for good reason. Job seekers of all demographics and industries have been utilizing the CRG website at an ever-growing rate. As the economy improves and the job market grows, so does the need for a premier recruitment service. Recruiters, companies, and candidates who take advantage of a clean, functional website (like CRG) are making the hiring process easier than ever.

Take Advantage of High Quality Website Designing Services on is a reputed high quality Website Designing Company in Delhi. Isearch Solution is a widely acclaimed well established Website Designing firm known throughout the country. "The specific asset of using Web Designing Services is that it helps to boost the number of visitors which in turn increases the online presence of a brand in quick time," reported a company spokesperson. A Website Designing Company understands that Web Designing plays an important role, as that of advertisement of customer's brand. The customers are willing to get impressed by the products and services, designed creatively.

Coin Exploit Announces New Cryptocurrency Investment Service

Various industry trend reports suggest that Bitcoin could most probably see an all time high price in 2016. Cryptocurrency Experts also advocate that 2016 could most likely be the best year for cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment in general. Cryptocurrency investment company Coin Exploit has now reportedly announced a new investment plan for various different types of cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Paycoin. Gets SEO Answers from Google's Gary Illyes

In an effort to get some definitive answers regarding SEO and search engine optimization, interviewed Gary Illyes from Google. Illyes is the Webmaster Trends Analyst for the search engine giant. He provided some very helpful, and sometimes surprising, advice on how website owners can get better search engine rankings. Announces 2016 Best Web Hosting Award Winners recently named its Best Web Hosting Award Winners for 2016. This year, twelve categories of awards were announced including Best Business Hosting, Best Shared Hosting, Best Managed WordPress Hosting, Best VPS Hosting, Best Green Hosting, Best Podcast Hosting, and Best Dedicated Hosting.

Google Applications in Los Angeles Now Offered by Top Web Design Company

LogoMuch of the Google Applications Los Angeles service revolves around Website Growth's technical acumen. There are various forms of organizational challenge that stand in the way for many modern businesses. The team realizes that one of the major obstacles to web based companies in today's market revolves around being able to utilize Google applications. For that reason Website Growth has decided to implement this amazing service.

The Big Shave West 2 Features 'The Traditional-Wet-Shaving Movement – An Inside Perspective'

What promises to be the largest assembly of Traditional-Wet-Shavers ever, plans are now in place to film and produce a documentary on-site the day of the event to chronicle what some would think such an unlikely phenomenon. The Big Shave West 2, to be held April 23 at The Old Town Shaving Company at Stats in Pasadena California, is set to showcase the explosion in enthusiasm and the resurgence of shaving 'like your grandfather did' with traditional double edge safety razors, straight razors, shaving brush, bowl, and cream.

SAP Business One to Quickbooks Conversion Service Now Available by E-Tech

E-tech adds SAP Business One to Quickbooks conversion service for businesses roster, helping clients save time and money with new turnkey service.

Mageworx Revealed Magento 2 Wiki to Cover the Essence of Magento2-Based Stores

LogoCreation of the online store or any other web-based businesses may be a lucrative and interesting idea, if a person is aware of the basics of their creation and further promotion. These issues should not be underestimated or overlooked if one is driven by the idea to make the website popular with the target audience. That is one of the major reasons of why many credible companies, like MageWorx, have developed specialized tutorials and web-based manuals like wiki for Magento 2 platform to make their customers aware of their products, the basics of the platform, rules, shipping methods etc. These are the issues, which are always a priority to the prevailing amount of users nowadays.

The Miami Tax Attorney Helps People to Fix Tax Problems in a Professional Manner

Florida is a very rich state and Miami is one of the richest cities in the state. Miami is home to several high profile people with heavy pay packets. Naturally, they are in constant war with the tax officials who do not show any kind of mercy while deducting tax from these people. Taxpayers in Miami have for years battled the good fight against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It is not a good sign to be in debt to the Government with a huge tax bill. It becomes very difficult for the person to deal with the officials in such cases. It is necessary that the person in such cases, contact a tax attorney in Miami immediately and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

CEO and Founder of Digital Agency, Lance Bachmann, to Attend 30th Annual Career Day at Glen Mills Schools

LogoLance Bachmann, CEO and founder of Digital Agency, will be participating in the 30th Annual Career Day at Glen Mills Schools in Glen Mills, PA, on April 28, 2016. For the past three decades, Glen Mills Schools' Annual Career Day has provided the opportunity for their student body to meet with representatives from a multitude of academic institutions, businesses, government agencies, and more. The event typically runs from about 9:00 AM until 12:30 PM, and includes a complimentary breakfast and a commemorative gift for all attendees. Bachmann, who was a student at Glen Mills Schools in 1989-1990, will also serve as one of the keynote speakers this year, and will be speaking to students during an afternoon assembly in the school's gymnasium.

Saving Music Has Launched the Website for Music Fans of All Ages

LogoSaving Music has reported the launch of the website, which aims at offering all kinds of music files for listening and download. The website offers a rich selection of music in the most popular mp3 format. This has made the service in demand with the music fans of different ages, genders, occupations, hobbies etc. Introduces New Indie Music to Listen to This 2016, the first and only website that allows discovering music and experiencing games in one platform introduces new indie music that avid music aficionados should listen to this 2016. The music industry is undoubtedly exciting as there are new music, songs, tracks, and albums being released from time to time. As a result, avid music aficionados are having a hard time in determining which songs or tracks and singers or bands are worth listening to. According to, it is important to consider the type or music genre that the listener fancies. In this manner, it will be easier to come up and create a playlist that will meet the music experience desired by the listener.

Beverly Hills Marketing Services Now Offered by Top Marketing Company in Beverly Hills

LogoWebsite Growth exists at the epicenter of a new trend in marketing. With over 80 years of combined online marketing experience, the marketing firm in Beverly Hills has seen trends come and go and are poised for the next wave of marketing. One of Website Growth's strongest assets is its ability to stay current. With a staff of young, talented marketers, the company stays abreast of the latest marketing trends and perennially peruses the relevant scholarly journals and business insider releases to ensure that it has the inside track on the burgeoning marketing business. Offers Professional Essay Writing at Affordable Prices

Nowadays people's lives are getting busier and it is hard for people to find time for everything. Especially students with their busy college and social life sometimes they could not find time to do their own assignments. For those students is a life saver. They offer custom non-plagiarized essay writing service in affordable rates. guarantee's for client confidentiality, even the writer would not know whom he or she is writing for. It's an American based company and all the writers hold advanced degrees in their respective fields.

Agile Marketing Paves the Way for a Revolutionary Change to the Marketing Industry

The launch of the Agile Marketing Academy online training platform is slated for April 2016 through a Keynote Presentation at the Global Scrum Gathering in Orlando, Florida. Fueled by industry leaders, applying effective Agile methods used frequently in project management and software development are now being used in the marketing arena. Specific Agile techniques, when taken outside of IT applications, yield incredible results in marketing, as discovered by the founders of the Agile Marketing Academy.

Number One Premier Florida SEO Agency Launches Brand New Website

LogoGGG Marketing is proud to announce the release of their new website presenting new features, new logo, and a new ambition to bring the very best in online digital marketing. Known as the top agency in Southwest Florida for SEO, GGG is now opening their doors to ten other cities in the state of Florida. Digital Agency's Lance Bachmann Set to Speak at the 2016 PPC Hero Conference in Philadelphia, PA Digital Agency, an organization that offers PPC, SMO, SEO, and many other internet marketing services in the Philadelphia, PA area, is excited to announce that their founder and CEO, Lance Bachmann, is slated to speak at the 2016 PPC Hero Conference in Philadelphia. What's more, not only is Bachmann speaking, but Digital Agency is also proud to be one of the main sponsors of this year's event.

New Startup Aims to Make Finding Best Performing IT Companies Easier

Newly established startup has come up with a service that will make it easier for businesses to find the top software companies and digital agencies, Extract examines IT companies with key industry metrics, discovers their reputation and quality standards, and reveals best effective companies. The type of IT companies assessed by Extract will include web development companies, app development companies, SEO firms.

SEO Services Company Announces Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing Solutions for Happy Customer Engagement

Today, all businesses are making a lot of efforts to help establish their bold presence on the web to connect with their new or old customers. SEOSPIDY helps a business to optimize the performance of their website, allowing them to build their reputation in the internet world. The seo services company has a number of customers, enjoying their recognition in the global web marketplace, which enables them to beat the competition and increase the profitability.

Beauty of Business Launches Spring Digital Retreat to Build a Successful Online Business

The Beauty of Business (BOB) announces the launch of the Spring Digital Retreat, a live training event for professional women seeking to build a successful online digital business. Scheduled for Saturday, April 30, 2016, the workshop will provide a forum to help women identify their niche and create strategies to appeal to potential customers. Brand strategist and life coach Audrey Woodley will present the '7 Steps to Build and Transform the Message' to own the niche and make a profit.

Hedge Trimmer Estimator Introduced as a Platform That Assesses Hedge Trimmers Prior to Buying

In any Hedge Trimmers products a buyer purchase today, one should check this review site that makes a remarkable option. There are lots of reviews sites out there that offer good reviews on Hedge Trimmers products. But still, the Hedge Trimmer Estimator is the number one website that one should visit for accurate and precise information.