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Shim Sham Kitchen Publishes Its Top Ten List of Cheap Pressure Cooker Products

Shim Sham Kitchen, a site dedicated to product reviews and news of all things kitchen related, is proud to publish its list of the best pressure cookers at large online retailers and your neighborhood home store.

5 Years in the Making: Indie Game Digs for Completion Funds on Kickstarter

With aesthetics that blur the line between He-Man Masters of the Universe and a late 80's arcade machine, Dungeons the Eye of Draconus has started to emerged from the single-bedroom apartment that birthed it. Forged by a three-person team, this arcade style 3-player brawler is finally on the verge of completion. After losing their lead sprite artist in 2011, team SuckerFree Games has endured a series of disasters including their apartment flooding with sewage and job loss. They survived a car wreck, multiple deaths in the family, and a stroke. But they did not quit. Rather, the team has regrouped, vetted a new artist and is on the march to Kickstarter glory. Their intent? To secure completion funds, potentially qualify for OUYA's #FreetheGames fund and be released in time for PAX Prime 2014.

Web Design Company Jeff Web Solutions and Consultancy Announces the Launch of Its New Website

Jeff Web Solutions and Consultancy, a company that is dedicated to helping start-up businesses and SMEs manage and maintain their website-related tasks, has just announced the launch of its easy-to-navigate website. The company specializes in three main services: web design, web maintenance and web promotion.

Silicon Beach Digital Levels SEO Playing Field with Release of Revolutionary New Service

Silicon Beach Digital, a digital marketing firm known for its own blend of SEO magic, announces the launch of a "game-changing" new SEO service that will revolutionize the way businesses, individuals, entrepreneurs and marketing firms think about search engine optimization, or SEO. The Santa Monica-based company has been building this new method of delivering SEO for release on Monday, September 9th.

Best Edge SEO Launches New Website Showcasing Portfolio, Marketing Services

Analyze, optimize, advertise, design – these are the key elements of Florida’s Best Edge SEO’s online marketing strategy for helping clients reach their target audience via the web.

ProXPN Makes a Stand on Governments' Allegedly Unwavering Abuse on Browsing Liberties

LogoProXPN is appalled that even after widespread condemnation of governments’ alleged surveillance programs, more states continue to develop new means of infringing on these rights.

Wizards of Wiki to Launch Wikipedia Translation Service

In August 2013, the company announced it would be launching a translation service after taking on a number of additional writers. They are beginning their focus on French, Spanish and German articles aiming to provide this service to western companies and individuals who want their article listing in more than English.

Corna Shop Laptops - Quality Reviews on Laptops Under 500

LogoIt has never been disputed over whether computers have assisted in producing efficiency. Although the invention of the laptop has made human living busier and seemingly complicated it has in fact offered flexibility and the option to accomplish more with minimal investment. Work that used to require actual presence can now be done virtually. The steady progress in technology has shaped the laptop into a product that is indispensible to the businessman, student, and essentially anyone who has much to accomplish within constraints of time and effort. Corna Shop Laptops is a newly launched website that is geared towards providing service seekers with the necessary information required to select the best laptop in the market according to one’s personal needs.

Boost You Business to the Next Level of Success: Hire SEO Experts Today

Digital promotion is surely one of the most recommended activities to be implemented into business processes. It in turn put a spot light on the business and fetches global recognition to the organization. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is primary as well as vital process which plays binding role in digital marketing or Internet Promotion. It is one of the most demanded tactics in present scenario as it keeps the website of a business on top.

IDX Broker Continues to Make Feature Updates and Enhancements on Their New Platinum Platform

Since the release of IDX Broker’s Platinum product this past June, they have continued to make enhancements to their front-end features and to the back-end Middleware. Over the past two weeks, there have been three significant updates worth mentioning.

DirectoryBug Publishes Top 100+ Free Business Listings

Helping major search engines find your business: DirectoryBug, an Internet marketing firm specializing in local search services and resources for business owners, such as directory scan tools, local SEO audits, and online business listings , recently published ‘ 100+ Free Sites to List Your Business .’ The constantly maintained and updated list compiles more than 130 current listings.

Reputation Labs Launches Online Review Management Service

Reputation Labs, an online reputation marketing company based in Cheyenne, WY, has launched an online review management service as a part of a three service bundle that is intended to help businesses to improve their online reputation. The company started to offer negative content suppression and conversation monitoring services as well.

Brazilian Startup Lotebox to Launch at TechCrunch Disrupt

The Brazilian startup Lotebox is ready to dock in the U.S. and make its official launch at Startup Alley on TechCrunch Disrupt, event that will be held from 9th to 11th September in San Francisco. The startup works as an online platform that connects businesses with cargo agents, carriers, brokers, and other businesses that have similar transportation needs. "Startup Alley besides being an excellent platform for early stage companies to obtain recognition for their talent and technology, is also an important showcase for Brazilian projects that will also be with us at the event and it motivates us to best represent our country" says Tony Celestino, Lotebox cofounder. "The main goal of our company during the TechCrunch Disrupt is to present our technology and opportunity to investors and other entrepreneurs".

SM Remarketing Announces YouTube Likes Service

LogoA new service by Social Media Remarketing allows for small businesses and entrepreneurs to increase the number of likes for their YouTube videos. YouTube is the largest video website in the world and the number of likes for a particular video can help bolster its rankings and be seen by even more people. SM Remarketing has created a series of packages that allows for a quick and easy bolstering of cheap likes for YouTube videos.

Life Support Course Certification Can Be Issued Online

Several websites provide students every kind of assistance to complete ACLS online, PALS online, and BLS online certification conveniently. Any of these courses can be completed as quickly as within one hour.

New Service for Facebook Likes Offered by SM Swag

LogoSocial Media Swag is now offering cheap Facebook likes for small businesses and entrepreneurs to augment their social media marketing efforts. With Facebook being the most popular social media site on the web today, small businesses and entrepreneurs have a tremendous means of reaching potential customers. Social Media Swag offers an inexpensive means of building a customer base by selling packages of “likes” for Facebook posts.

New Service for Facebook Friends Offered by SM Swag

LogoSocial Media Swag is now offering up to four packages of Facebook “friends” to help small businesses and entrepreneurs market their companies. Currently Facebook is the largest and most well known social media website in the entire world. Everyday, businesses market their products, services and brand on Facebook to hundreds of millions of people. Small businesses and entrepreneurs can also take advantage of this huge potential market by purchasing Facebook friends to augment their accounts.

25% off HostGator Discount Coupons Announced by Host Cabbie

LogoA 25% off HostGator discount coupons are now being offered for signing up for a HostGator account. HostGator being one of the best web hosting companies in the world, has been providing web hosting quality for years. Currently, HostGator serves over 400,000 customers through their 12,000 computer servers. With over 9 million domains in over 200 companies, HostGator has a well earned reputation for quality and service.

New Twitter Service by SM Company Social Media Luv

LogoA new service by Social Media Luv provides instant Twitter followers for businesses and entrepreneurs trying to expand their base of customers. Purchasing Twitter followers is a proven method of attracting potentially new clients to Twitter accounts. Social Media Luv is now offering different packages to meet the needs of businesses and entrepreneurs when it comes to improving their social media accounts.

Blograzzi.Net - A Technology Website Dedicated to Cool Websites, Technology Tips and Tutorials Launches

Technology, online marketing, websites and gadgets are evolving at the speed of light, newer, better and more upgraded versions of old technology come out almost on daily basis now and sometimes people can find it hard to keep up with the pace of the advancement. Sometime even hardcore technology fans can fall behind on all the new information and products out there. is a website that is dedicated towards sharing information about the coolest websites, technology tips and tutorials. This website is a one stop blog for all the information any person who is interested in technology and the internet would need. Readers of this website will be able to read all the latest happening in the world of technology.

Black Friday Deals 2013 Shopping Guide Is Now Available Online

For all Black Friday deal hunters, the site is the ultimate destination where one can find amazing Black Friday deals 2013 to enjoy unexpected discounts and cost benefits. All big retailers of gadgets and devices such as Verizon, AT&T, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Walmart and others enlist their special promotional offers on the site which consumers can take advantage of.

LiquidVPN Announces Modulating IP's, a Revolutionary New VPN Technology

LiquidVPN, an award-winning proxy and virtual private network (VPN) service, has just announced the launch of a new technology called Modulating IP’s that may very well revolutionize the way people use VPN services. The new technology is designed to increase a computer user’s online anonymity by at least a factor of ten.

Governments Said to Be Going to Extreme Lengths to Limit Online Browsing Liberties

LogoProXPN raises concerns with the alleged levels governments are reaching in limiting browsing liberties

Online Press Release Distribution Should Be Important Part of Business Marketing Efforts Explains Release-News

LogoPopular online press release distribution service ( has recently commented about the importance and benefits of online press release distribution to create a 'buzz' and support a firm advertising and marketing campaign for your website or business.

IDX Broker Has Added Bahamas MLS (BAHMLS) and Los Cabos MLS (LCMLS) to Their Ever Expanding MLS Database

IDX, Inc., a leading provider of online real estate search applications, today announced the addition of the Bahamas MLS (BAHMLS) and Los Cabos MLS (LCMLS) to its network of Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data feeds. Now members of the BAHMLS and LCMLS have the opportunity to display and completely integrate MLS listings on their individual or office website by adding IDX search tools through IDX, Inc.’s primary MLS search application: IDX Broker.