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Just Doc Offers a Reliable Platform to Consult Specialized Doctors

For leading a healthy life, it is essential to be in touch with an experienced doctor for obtaining useful feedback on the latest health condition. But due to packed professional schedules and other involvements, it becomes impossible for people to remain in connection with the concerned doctor. Now with the emergence of various online platforms people can now easily being touch with their doctor staying inside the home only. Just Doc is one such digital platform that helps patients to seek the consultation and tips from any doctor without visiting clinics and dispensaries. It enables patients to easily book their appointments and helps them to place their health-related queries before the concerned doctor.

Contentmart Acquires Huge Clientele and Writer Base in Just 1 Year of Operation

Gurgaon-based content marketplace has been incredibly successful in realizing their goals for the first year. They are India's first and only content marketplace with verified content writers.

Beverly Hills Marketing Agency Provides Superior Online Marketing Services

LogoTop-rated Beverly Hills marketing agency, Website Growth, has been recognized as a company that delivers great results for online businesses. Services offered at Website Growth are intended to create a brand identity and entice customers through the use of creative advertising. With more than 75 years of marketing experience, this Beverly Hills marketing agency always strives to leave their customers satisfied.

Knowing the Fare Before Boarding the Lyft Cab Is Now Possible

Here is good news that may interest those who may be using Lyft cabs. Epic Web Services says they are providing the Lyft estimate as well as the details about cab availability. The company further says that their services will help users have the information about the fare before they book their cabs. Since users can also know about the cab availability, it will be easy for them to plan their trips.

Anxieties Heightened Through Social Networking – How You Can Help Yourself? recognises Social media anxieties as a reality of today's lifestyle not just in the United States but worldwide. If not personally affected, then the chances are extremely high that a family member or friend will be suffering from this negative side effect and more must be done to highlight the issue.

SmoothRx Explains Why Their Stretch Mark Removal Cream Is High Quality

After their scar cream was named the #1 scar cream on, SmoothRx took it upon themselves to come out to the general public and explain why their scar and stretch mark removal cream is considered high quality. "For starters, we only use premium and natural ingredients." Ashley Royal, a spokeswoman of SmoothRx, explained. "Many of our ingredients contribute to the cream's ability to moisturize skin. Those ingredients include shea and cocoa butter, mango butter, orange oil, organic olive oil, rose hip seed oil, grapefruit seed extract and more. These ingredients together create a powerful moisturizer than improves the skins elasticity and diminishes scars."

Customer Publicly Acknowledges Benefits of Mommy Please Pretend Food Play Set

Nearly 500 customers have left reviews of the Mommy Please pretend food play set, but one customer stood out by going into great detail about how the set has worked for her and her children. The reviews reads as follows:

Cosmopolitan Collection Acknowledges Reviewer of Their Amazon Makeup Organizer

Since the release of their makeup organizer on, Cosmopolitan Collection has received hundreds of positive reviews on the product. The organizer even earned an outstanding average of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Many customers left lengthy and detailed reviews commenting on the many uses of the Amazon makeup organizer, its attractive appearance, and the durability of the material used to make it. One customer named Rebekah Martin particularly went above and beyond to publicly acknowledge the benefits of this organizer. Announces the Efficiency of Private VPNs in Providing Higher Security Level for Blocking Malwares, one of the most wanted and trusted excellent service providers of proxies, shares valuable information about private VPN and the benefits of using it. According to, the need for a VPN or virtual private network is equivalent to the basic necessity of people to have shelter and food. They confirm that it is a must to keep their customers safe and secured from any danger they might encounter online as much as they need to eat and have shelter. puts emphasis that the sole purpose and benefit of VPN is protection.

Online Air Announces Innovative Ductless Cooling and Heating Systems

LogoOnline Air announced that the company is offering energy smart Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. cooling and heating systems online, along with a three-day installation guarantee and five year warranty on parts, labor and the units' compressor.

New Whole Day Recipes for Alkaline-Rich Diets

Taking in alkaline-rich food sources have always been credited for providing better benefits for the health. A report on US News Health and Wellness provided a recipe that is good for one day and intended for people monitoring the pH levels of their body.

SEO Vendor Now Offers Tailored SEO Services for Small Businesses

SEO Vendor, a well-known SEO company, now provides SEO services for small businesses that consist of carefully tailored strategies which take into consideration over 200 factors that impact your results. If you are a small business struggling to capture the right audience online, then SEO Vendor can.

SmoothRx Scar Cream Celebrates Successful Launch

SmoothRx recently celebrated what many would call a highly successful product launch. The company has been making a reputation for their name, but the company started celebrating when their scar cream was named the #1 scar cream on "We are extremely excited to be doing so well this early, the hard work we put into getting on the market really paid off," Ashley Royal stated. SmoothRx scar cream has received almost 200 customer reviews and has earned an average of 4 out of 5 stars. The natural scar cream treats a variety of scars caused by stretch marks, injuries, acne, spider veins and more.

Sale on Mommy Please Plastic Food Set Lasting for 48 Hours

Mommy Please has decided that it would be in their best interest to have a sale on their 125 piece plastic food set. The sale is to last for 48 hours only and the date of the sale is currently unspecified for this reason it will be called a ghost sale. Mommy Please will soon release the date of the sale. The company hopes this sale will serve as a way of giving thanks to their customers. Mommy Please also wishes for this particular plastic food set to become available to even more families around the world so that they can improve the global education of children.

Cosmopolitan Collection Makeup Organizer Discounted for 48 Hours Only

Cosmopolitan Collection has offered a discount to promote their acrylic makeup organizer, hoping to attract new customers. The makeup organizer is on sale for $36.99, 38% percent less than its former price of $59.99. "Hopefully this will be a nice gift for our existing customers and promote the organizer enough to bring in new ones. We really want to make a difference here with this product, and this is only a single step in our journey to organize the world." Spokesman Rob Bowser cheerfully elaborated. Makes Sugar Daddy Dating Hassle-Free

With the increasing popularity of Sugar Daddy Dating, it is becoming a tough challenge for people to find free and safe dating sites that are packed with useful features that help people in finding true love and commitment in the easiest way possible. But recently, widely-popular and highly-trusted sugar dating websites' review website, SugarDaddyWebsites.Org has published a list of the Top 10 Sugar Daddy dating sites and have made sugar daddy dating hassle-free for sugar babies - who are in search of safe and fast growing online sugar daddy dating sites.

Karen's Bargains Announces Vast Range of Products

Karen's Bargains, a noted online mall has ensured that users can now find the products of their choice including Electronics items conveniently and without having to stretch their budgets. Provides Professional Digital Marketing Solutions at Affordable Prices, the popular digital agency of Singapore has announced that they provide professional quality digital marketing solutions at affordable costs, much to the delight of business owners. The spokesperson of DigiBrand said that they specialize in offering services ranging from web development, Pay Per Click advertisement, digital education, web design, viral marketing to SEO services.

Timelines of History: Virtual Telescope to the Past

The Timelines of History website ( is a text-based site dedicated to world history. Its general features include a universal world timeline that goes back to the Big Bang, individual timelines for every country in the world, all the US states, some major cities, today in history as well as timelines for a collection of special subjects. Timelines of History also has a sister database site ( Here you can access the same information in an easily searchable database. This DB includes an extensive list of tagged subjects that can be viewed in alphabetical order. The two sites are complementary. A plus feature for the DB site is that it is kept current for ongoing events as opposed to the text site which lags 3-6 months due the ever-changing contemporary events. All entries on both sites are accompanied with references for source material and a special file of source acronyms is listed on the text site under subjects. The Pinterest link on the text site provides pictures of assorted historical subjects and places.

Dee's Home and Kitchen Unveils Exciting Products

Dee's Home And Kitchen has unveiled a smart range of Home Decor products that are high on quality and low on price.

Bills Variety Shop Introduces Vast Range of Products

Bills Variety Shop, an online mall has made Shopping a lot more convenient for users as they can get their hands on products they need, quickly and efficiently.

Why Podcasts Are a Valuable Platform on Which to Market, According to the Radio Agency

LogoThe premier direct response radio advertising consulting firm, The Radio Agency, released a write-up via its website urging companies that would otherwise advertise on traditional media platforms to strongly consider podcasts. The article by Nick Menakis of The Radio Agency, entitled "Are Podcasts the Future of Radio Advertising?" explained why they are a sensible platform on which to market.

2440 Media Redesigned and Presents the New Website of Notaro & Associates, P.C

Logo2440 Media, a leading website design company based in Pittsburgh, has successfully redesigned the website of Notaro & Associates, P.C. The company has transformed the legal services website which provides support to the people for divorce, custody, child adoption and mediation among others. This is one of the many projects by 2440 Media which they have completed successfully as per the client's requirements while also gaining great feedback from them.

MassMailer Allows Companies to Break Through Salesforce Limitations

LogoSince its inception in 1986, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and strategies like it, have helped companies manage clients, bring in new business, and create lasting relationships. Everyday business owners are looking to grow their business and expand their clientele, and CRM software helps them do exactly that. One of the most vital components of this method is the ability to mass mail clients on a monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily basis. MassMailer, Inc. is a company that understands the importance of these regularly scheduled emails, and their service has helped to break through the limitations normally placed on CRM software. Prior to MassMailer, companies found themselves using SalesForce and being hampered by limitations such as 1,000 emails per day and 250 emails per batch. But now, with the help of MassMailer, these limitations are no longer a problem!

Rely on Profit by Search's Content Optimization Services for Effective SEO

Logo#1 SEO Company in India, Profit by Search is now offering best-in-class content optimization services. Through their services, SEO's can get a helping hand in promoting any business beyond its domestic boundaries and driving a good chunk of revenue through it. Their contents are impressive and of a high quality, which are sure to attract any user to their clients' products and services. The contents developed by them follow the latest Google guidelines and have sufficient keywords to easily get recognized on different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. They have been in this domain for years and are fully aware of content methodologies in use in the SEO industry today. Entrepreneurs focusing on creating brand awareness globally can count on them for their requirements.