"TechSpaghetti" Seeks Crowdfunding on Indiegogo to Ignite a Learning Revolution and Inspire Children to Become Innovators & Entrepreneurs

To help children become tech-savvy creative thinkers who will shape the future by bringing an amazing program to homes and classrooms worldwide.


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- TechSpaghetti has developed online lessons focused on motivating children to be independent, creative and intellectual with a snap of the fingers. The authentic learning engagements develop higher-order thinking through digital media, effectively incorporating literacy, numeracy and the arts.

The cross-curricular home and classroom online lessons are designed for students from age six through age twelve. The course material converts screen time into learning time to give children the thinking skills they need to be innovators and entrepreneurs by the age of twelve.

The online lessons develop two key learning areas that are crucial for children’s success in the ever-changing world they will inherit:

Creative higher-order thinking
Technology and communicating through digital media

TechSpaghetti children are guided through the creative concepts and the technical aspects of real world scenarios that result in the creation of their showpieces such as films, soundtracks and websites. 

Chief Educator Leah Hinton’s hugely successful cutting-edge programs are the basis of lessons framed around creativity and communication and have been running for the past three years at a leading International Baccalaureate school in Berlin.

TechSpaghetti lessons will be available for classroom use from August and for home use from December 2014. Although the company is based in Berlin, TechSpaghetti lessons are in English and designed for children in the US, Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand, as well as international students worldwide.

About TechSpaghetti
TechSpaghetti is an education technology startup founded in 2013 by teacher Leah Hinton and entrepreneur Elliot Tabachnik. The team is made up of expats from New Zealand and Australia and is based in Berlin, Germany. The concept for the TechSpaghetti Young Innovator’s Toolkit was developed by Leah Hinton while working as a Digital Arts teacher at an International Baccalaureate school in Berlin. The TechSpaghetti team are working on releasing home and classroom based online lessons for children aged six to twelve in 2014. More information on TechSpaghetti is available at and inquiries can be made to

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