Teddy and the Talking Whale, Children's Short Storybook Published


Ft Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2014 -- Meet Teddy. He’s an eight-year-old boy who lives in the beautiful Pacific northwest. One day after school he takes a familiar walk along the seashore near his home. Seeing whales was common but seeing one who began to talk to him was totally uncommon.

This is a wonderful story for parents to read and for early readers about a little boy who meets a surprising new friend with a surprising skill. Teddy meets a whale that talks. Yes, a talking whale and his name is Nanook. He’s as surprised as any eight year old would be in fact as surprised as anyone would be to meet a talking whale.

The two carry on a conversation and surprising things happen. Teddy and the Talking Whale is a story of belief and trust. It is imagination at its best. It’s a story parents will enjoy reading and children will enjoy hearing. Teddy represents the innocence of childhood and the wonders of life along the seashore.

It’s an easy read that captivates from the page one to the end. Teddy and the Talking Whale is the creative work of author Karl Waterbury. He is a very talented 43 year old aspiring writer who grew up in Washington State which is part of the beautiful Pacific, Northwest.

Despite several career changes and personal challenges within his life, he has always had a strong passion for writing. This is the second of many in a series of children's short storybooks. He hopes parents and their children enjoy reading it as well as the many that will follow.

Welcome Teddy and his friend Nanook, the Talking Whale into your home library. It will soon become a favorite read for parents, grandparents and children alike. Teddy and the Talking Whale can be purchased on Amazon.com.