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Ted's Woodworking Plans Review: The Program Gives People Easy Woodworking Blueprints to Accomplish All Their Projects They Want

Ted “Woody” McGrath is a master carpenter and woodworking hobbyist at heart. Ted’s Woodworking course has helped thousands of budding carpenters to start their own business with the easy to read and implement woodworking plans.


Auburn, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2014 -- Ted's Woodworking Plans website has earned the rating of 4.5 out of 5 from ISRCIP because of its overall customer satisfaction, meeting customer’s performance expectations, and customer service and web presence stability. Added feathers in Teds hat, include remarks like "Possibly the best collection of woodworking plans we've come across" by Woodwork Magazine, "Extensive selection of plans with amazing clarity" by American Woodworker Magazine and “Readers Choice Award 2009". Happy and satisfied customers have given positive feedback about their experiences of constructing folding chairs, benches, beds, camping equipment, arbors and more.

The first few customers are being offered massive discounts off the retail price and the whole product is backed by a 60 day guarantee. In the very unlikely and impossible event of the user not being satisfied with the guide, there is always the option to reclaim the investment within 60 days. The bonus that is being offered for a limited time includes a plan reviewer software, 150 videos, over 200 pages of woodworking guide and a special manual instructing how to start a woodworking business.


Ted has offered various packages to suit all customers in every other way which is why his product has become such a success for him. His profession must have made him learn so much in all the 36 years which is a plenty of time period to spend. So, he has decided to benefit others in his field at an affordable price for multiple purposes. The main purpose being benefiting people with knowledge, secondly saving their time and effort, and the third must be some personal savings. But the price Ted has asked for his product is nothing as compared to what the customers actually get with the purchase.

The user can get it through a free download with a money back guarantee of 60 days, since its offered through which gives some extra protection in case a person is over-whelmed or unhappy. It offers a broad range of plans and guide through tutorials, more than 16,000 projects for woodworking, which includes plans for decks, sheds, green houses, file cabinets, pergolas etc. It provides quantity as well as quality, the step-by-step plan guide leaves nothing to doubt with the most exclusive woodwork information. These instructions then ultimately help finishing the job in a thorough manner.

It includes some detailed instructions; there are also instructional videos especially for those who prefer to see someone in action instead to read about how to do things. These are really helpful since the person will learn a lot along the way by observing the techniques of the instructors and will be able to practice these techniques through real-life experiences.


Another useful thing that is included in the package is a Bonus Book that guides how to start a woodworking business as an entrepreneur. This separately covers the cost of the Teds Woodworking guide if a person chooses to sell his work. It can make for a pretty fun hobby and a great way to earn some extra money. There is also a separate guide for the information related to business such as, where to sell stuff, how to market it, and what sort of things people are generally into, out of which furniture seems to be a big one.

All in all, this guide is helpful whether a pro-carpenter is using it or someone holding the hammer for the very first time. It has got complete range of information and guidance to help make the best of carpentry projects. Not many others can compete with the level, quality and user-friendliness offered by this comprehensive woodwork guide.

About The Official Website:
Ted’s Woodworking Plans are an effort by master craftsman Ted McGrath. This is a downloadable video that includes more than 16,000 plans to make everyday furniture besides hundreds of tips, tricks and information on woodworking.