Teen Drunk Driving Statistics - Facts About Teens and Drunk Driving

In one year, 31% of teens who died in a traffic accident were legally intoxicated. Teenage drinking takes the lives of eight adolescents every day. Forty percent of alcohol-related traffic fatalities involve teen drinkers. These are scary facts. Teens and drunk driving go together as a sort of rite of passage. The following will take a closer look at teen drinking and driving to find out what brings a teenager to engage in such behavior and how to stop it from happening.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2013 -- Here are a few more disturbing facts about teens and drunk driving. A boy will drink his first alcoholic beverage at age 11, a girl, at age 13. Over 11,000 teens try alcohol for the first time every day. Three million teens are alcoholics. That’s outrageous! Three million teens are already alcoholics! Adolescents are three times as likely to become involved in a single-vehicle accident while intoxicated than adults who drive under the influence of alcohol. The reasons for this may be that teens have less driving experience overall, and they may overestimate their driving abilities. Teens who start drinking before age 15 are 4 times more likely to become alcohol dependent than their counterparts who did not start to drink alcohol until they were of legal age. So how does a community stop this behavior?

Know more about Prevent Teens Drunk Driving Tips

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) suggests the following ideas to prevent teenaged drinking and driving. Sign a “contract for life” with the teen. This is a binding document that states that the adolescent will call the parent any time he or she needs a ride home if he or she has been drinking. Talking about teens and drunk driving can be effective. Don’t hold back tough or hard to hear information. If a teen hears that someone was decapitated in an alcohol-related accident, it might shake that teen up enough to not engage in the behavior later on. Take an adolescent to the scene of an alcohol-related incident so she can see the graphic evidence of it. This, too, may make an impression. Organize a fun, alcohol-free after prom event that teens can attend to remain sober and safe. Place brochures for anti-drunk driving groups throughout the community. Write letters to the owners of liquor stores who knowingly sell beer, wine, or spirits to minors, stating that no one will patronize that store unless the owner ceases the illegal selling tactics right away. The most important step to deter teens from drinking and driving is to keep the lines of communication open at all times. Adolescents need to know they can talk to their parents.

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