School Psychologist Writes Teen Novel

Paranormal with a Positive Message


Hoboken, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/12/2013 -- Alison F. Prince, school psychologist at Clifton Public Schools, wrote a feel good young adult paranormal novel after noticing a need in the young adult market for a fun to read novel that delivers a positive message regarding self esteem for adolescent and teen girls. The novel, titled In Shadows of Magic, became available as an ebook through Astraea Press on July 11,2013.

Paranormal is all the rave among the young adult audience, but while these novels may provide teens with enjoyment, the underlying message is often far from healthy. Prince's debut release, In Shadows of Magic, offers a clean and engrossing read. The story contains all the elements that teens enjoy; romance, action, adventure, magic, and a supernatural battle between good and evil. The storyline is also one in which parents can take comfort that their teen will not be exposed to sex or violence.

“Self esteem is a major issue for many young girls today. Teens are subjected to peer pressure to look or behave a certain way. Many succumb to these influences, and lose themselves in the process. In Shadows of Magic encourages teens to develop confidence in their authentic personalities, and not worry what others may think of them.”

In Shadows of Magic is a story about twin witches whose friendship is torn apart by jealousy and sibling rivalry. When the sisters are swept away into a world of beauty, power, and danger beyond their wildest imaginations, their only chance of survival is finding themselves, and each other, once again.

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In Shadows of Magic is available as an ebook on and on the Astraea Press website.