Teenage Dreams Turn to Nightmares in Karen Lam's Second Feature Film "The Soul Collector"


Vancouver, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2014 -- Bowing to sold out screenings in Sweden and Canada, “The Soul Collector” (aka “Evangeline” in North America) makes its international sales debut at the Cannes Marche this May 2014.

“What if Edward killed Bella, and Bella returns from the dead to seek vengeance?”

The answer lies in Karen Lam’s second feature film “The Soul Collector”, a stylish teen thriller that subverts the Twilight supernatural soap opera into a female revenge fantasy.

In the film, a young college girl (Evangeline, played by Kat de Lieva, Halo 4) escapes her sheltered past, only to be brutally murdered by a group of spoiled frat boys, headed by the preternaturally handsome Michael Konner (Richard Harmon, The 100). Infected by something in the forest, Evangeline returns from the dead to exact vengeance on her killers.

“I wanted to show a young female protagonist actively fighting for her own life, even with the odds clearly stacked against her,” Karen explained. “Evangeline is the last girl in the world you would expect to have this kind of inner strength, but that’s what makes her a true hero. She’s tiny and vulnerable, but don’t underestimate her: this girl will kick your butt.”

Actress Kat de Lieva echoes the sentiment: “I did all my own stunt work in the film. It’s something I’m really proud of. ” Her military training for Halo IV came in handy on the set of “The Soul Collector”, where stunt fighting was required for 13 of the 18 production days.

“The Soul Collector” will be touring the film festival circuit, with scheduled screenings in Asia and Australia in the summer of 2014, before heading into Canadian theatres in the fall.

For sales information, contact DC Medias: dcmedias92@gmail.com (At the Cannes Marche: Booth Riviera G24).

For more information, photos or interview requests, please contact Opiate Pictures at 604-669-5818 (info@karenlamfilms.com). For information on “Evangeline”: www.evangelinefilm.com

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