Teenage Drinking and Driving - Learn How to Prevent

One of today’s most disturbing societal issues is that of teenagers drinking and driving. While instances of this behavior have decreased over the past 20 years, it still occurs far too often. The repercussions of teens driving drunk are extreme; either an innocent person becomes maimed or dies because of a young adult’s reckless decision to drive after drinking too much. The following will offer some disturbing facts about why teens drink and drive and what communities can do to get them to stop.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- Most parents do not realize that as much as 70% of teenagers drink alcohol at least once a month with the intention of getting drunk. With the typical “invincibility” teens believe they have, these drunk kids truly feel they can “handle” their alcohol well enough to drive after becoming inebriated. How wrong they turn out to be in some instances. Teenage drinking and driving kills eight high school, middle school, or college students every day. In recent years, 31% of teen drivers who died in traffic accidents were drunk. Up to 40% of alcohol-related traffic fatalities involve an inebriated teen, and 60% of teen deaths in auto accidents occur because of a drunk driver. A teenage female is a staggering 45 times more likely to be involved in a single-car accident than her sober counterparts, and a teen male is 18 times more apt to. Pretty scary statistics, aren’t they?

When communities and the greater society put their heads together, they come up with ways to stop teenagers from drinking and driving, including educating them on what the outcome of such action can be. Talking to students as young as age 6 about what happens when a person gets drunk and then drives makes these kids more responsible when they become teens. Continued discussions through the years reinforce the wisdom of choosing not to drink and drive as a teen. Making an agreement called a “contract for life” with teen allows them to call for a ride home any time they and their friends have been drinking. The parent agrees to pick the kids up and save questions for another time. When prom time comes, work with local schools to have a fun, safe evening planned for teens. Enforce rules regarding the teen’s whereabouts after the prom: Is he at the school after-party as he’s supposed to be, or did he sneak out? Chaperones must notify parents immediately if they do not know where the youngsters are.

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