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Teeter Hang Ups Proven to Provide Lower-Back Pain Relief to the Masses


Orem, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2013 -- Lower-back pain researcher, Mr. Warren Kendel declares “Outside of my practice, Teeter Hang Ups is without a doubt one of the most effective products I have ever come across in my professional life. Besides regular adjustments, it's all I could ever recommend to my patients seeking an at-home addition to their care routines.”

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It's no surprise that we're experiencing more than ever before. With figures constantly shooting up, it's easy to start pointing the fingers at someone to blame, but the problem is largely in our hands. Mr. Kendel recommends “Regular exercise and stretching are essential to lower back pain relief”. However, he also cautions “Once the damage has been done, it's difficult to reverse without chiropractic therapy to alleviate the initial nerve damage, which often keeps patients away from living fuller and more active lifestyles.”

Now, this isn't about playing the blame game, but rather it's about trying to address our increasingly sedentary lifestyles that's often the cause for our back pain in the first place. Unfortunately, this is a difficult task for many of us in western society. Many of our professional lives involve prolonged sitting; often at poorly designed computer workstations. This is an unavoidable, harsh reality of our modern world. However, where chiropractic adjustments can bring us the relief we're after, this device can go one step further in making sure we stay feeling well.

What is Teeter Hang Ups?
Teeter Hang Ups is an inversion table that is based on inversion therapy principles. Inversion therapy flips the human body over, which is believed to help the spine “unload” its weight within the lower back and displace it to stronger surrounding muscles including the abdominal region and shoulders. It goes a step further by making the process both functional and pain-free by allowing a greater range of motion within the inversion table itself. Many tables are confined to set routes that are quite unnatural to the body, but this device removes some of these limitations for a more natural feeling experience.

Is Inversion Therapy Dangerous?
Mr. Kendel states “Patients do inadvertently expose themselves to some risks while undertaking inversion therapy, but these are mostly risks that exacerbate existing medical conditions. Inversion therapy can lead to pressure behind the eyes, which is particularly troublesome for older patients with glaucoma. Those with cardiovascular issues would also be wise to speak to their family doctor before undertaking inversion therapy: it can lead to increased blood pressure.”

Does it Really Work?
Now, it's time to address that all-important question. According to Mr. Kendel in his review, it does indeed work. “What I particularly like about this device is that it has quite a large user capacity; up to 300 pounds. Many of my larger patients aren't suitable for the dinky inversion tables on the market today, but this isn't the case with Teeter Hang Ups.”

Consumers Must Use Caution When Purchasing It

However. Mr. Kendel cautions his patients by stating “I only recommend my patients place their orders through reputable websites such as the official website. This is because there are many inversion tables on the market, so it's easy for people to set up scrupulous stores and sell counterfeit merchandise without the customer being any the wiser. “If patients can't buy the product directly from me, then it must be done as safely as possible on the Internet.” You need to stay well-informed with regards to the legitimate true location of the official product site which you can view here.

Mr. Kendel also advises, “Shoppers need to fully realize the only way they can be certain they receive the true authentic version of this device with the 30 day in home trial and 5 year warrantee is by only purchasing it from The Official Website.

Please visit the official website for Teeter Hang Ups here.

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