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Tejas Yoga Houston Adds Mysore Style Yoga Classes Making Individual Growth the Priority

Tejas Yoga now teaches Ashtanga Yoga, a more dynamic style of yoga, in a unique way; the practice uses Mysore principles to give every student individual attention when working on the Asana.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- Yoga is a practice of both body and mind, and reflects an evolution of self control, inner strength and grace with physical movements that challenge and improve the body. There are many schools of Yoga, and Ashtanga is one of the most dynamic, following a predefined sequence of movements designed to create a flow between one position and the next. One on one teaching is by far the best way to learn yoga, as everyone has unique challenges and strengths, but finding a teacher can be difficult and expensive. Tejas Yoga now uses a Mysore style class to eliminate this difficulty.

These Houston Yoga Classes involve an open session with practitioners working on an individual basis, allowing them to work at their own pace and concentrate on their own areas for improvement. The teacher, Yannis, gives individual feedback and instruction to help individuals advance their practice.

This style of teaching is unlike almost all other yoga styles, and benefits students enormously, as it enables them to progress at their own pace, develop their own discipline and get more out of the time instead of rushing to catch up with, or waiting for, the rest of the group.

A spokesperson for Tejas Yoga explained, “Our Mysore practice enables anyone living in Houston to be able to push themselves every time they enter a session. For many in led group sessions, progress is incidental- a side effect of trying to keep up. In a Mysore class, individuals can really target areas that need development and connect with the style on a much more personal level, finding it far more rewarding as a result. This style of teaching is unique in Houston Yoga, and we encourage anyone interested in developing their practice for a lifetime of mindfulness and wellbeing to give it a try.”

About Tejas Yoga
Tejas Yoga teaches Ashtanga Yoga in the Mysore tradition. Established in 1998 and with 25 years of teaching experience, the classes emphasize one on one instruction and coaching, with physical adjustments and verbal descriptions given to help each individual achieve their best, according to their capacity, level of health and overall ability. Classes are designed to foster independent practice. For more information please visit: http://www.houstonyoga.com/