PR Agency Unveiled 2016 New Collection of Steam Cleaners Designed for Effective Pollen Cleaning


Oulu, Finland -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2016 --, a Finnish manufacturer of high-quality home and office cleaning products, recently unveiled its latest collection of steam cleaners that are highly effective in cleaning pollen, according to the manufacturers. The SC series cleaners from have found place in the featured products catalogue of the manufacturers along with Tekstiilipesuri, another recently launched steam cleaner. The manufacturers claimed that the products that they have launched of late are highly effective in removal of pollen and other microscopic elements that find shelters on and inside furniture items, under the sofas and beds and in wardrobes.

"Now is the worst time of the year for pollen allergic people. University of Turku provided data shows that flowering of grass shows no signs of stopping across the country and the pollen forecast data that we have shows that hay fever is likely to affect many people in June and July. We, therefore, planned the launch of our steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners around this time so that pollen allergic people can at least take some precautions to prevent allergic conditions to go from bad to worse", said a sales manager of the Oulu based company.

"Steam cleaning works as a combination of steam jet and temperature. Our steam cleaners can remove dirt from the tightest corners of a room", added the sales manager. "Steam cleaning is the most eco-friendly way of cleaning and removing pollen and dirt. Users do not have to polish or scrub the place before or after cleaning. These semi-automatic and automatic cleaners are made in compliance with the safety standards and can provide effortless cleaning solutions", claimed the sales manager during the press event where a live demo of all the recently launched cleaning appliances was given by has also launched a wide range of textile cleaners with an aim to help Finnish homeowners in keeping their garments pollen and dirt-free. The products that the ecommerce company has launched of late come with two-year warranty, the manufacturers confirmed. They also added that after-sales customer service is also available for all the products that they are selling now.

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