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Safety Is Paramount when Using ZTR Mowers

LogoA job is only complete if it is completed safely. sure, ZTR mowers are meant to save time, cut costs and reduce hassle, and it might be tempting for landscape professionals to cut corners for the sake of increasing efficiency, but the fact is accidents, injuries and property damage will set workers and business owners back more than if they had bypassed safety measures and ignored common sense.

Low Cost Right Angle Planetary Gearboxes for Size Restricted Applications

LogoMotion Marketplace is a California based distributor of motion control products. They have just expanded their line of planetary gearboxes, and now offer an exclusive line of high precision low cost right angle gearboxes. This line of economical planetary gearboxes offers the industries highest torque ratings, with four planets used in the output stage to boost the load capacity. This line is ideal for the most size restricted complex applications.

Global Farm Equipment Market Report Analysis

With the advent of novel technology, companies operating in the agriculture realm are now scaling new heights. Also the very broad industry is boosted by the rising population, ever escalating requirement for food and food grain production, demand for mechanization and rapidly evolving surrounding environment among others.

Bob Parks Auction Company to Host Farm and Construction Equipment Consignment Auction

Bob Parks Auction Company, one of the most experienced auction houses in the United States, recently announced its decision to host a Farm and Construction Equipment Consignment Auction on Saturday, March 15, 2014. The Nashville auction is set to take place at 9 a.m. on the Cannon County Fairgrounds in Woodbury, Tennessee.

Snow Throwers Suffer from Ethanol Problems

LogoSnow throwers aren’t like lawn mowers. They aren’t likely to get used as much, and the interval between regular maintenance and servicing is usually longer. They sit. They wait. And then, without explanation, when needed most, they won’t start.

YUYAO Bluebird Brings a New Range of Garden Water & Farm Irrigation Equipment

Water is very important for a plant’s healthy growth and now China based company, YUYAO Bluebird introduces a range of functionally efficient watering and irrigation tools for people to water their plants to help promote their optimum growth. Amongst the different watering equipment, their newly introduced Water Coil Hose is becoming very popular because of their functional and durable features. One can use different kinds of nozzles with these hosepipes for watering different plants. Besides, the pipe is easier to carry from one place to another and can be stored in a small space. It can recoil like a spring and never tangles or kinks.

BTS Utilizes Green Waste Recycling in Utah to Contribute to the Movement for a Cleaner Environment

As the effort to preserve natural products and environments becomes a larger focal issue, companies everywhere are making an effort to utilize “green” equipment and products. BTS, a demolition company has refocused their land clearing to include green waste recycling in Utah among their tree trimming services in Salt Lake City. With their functional and efficient tub grinders, they clear out debris and trees for development, while making a “green” product in the process.

Theft Prevention and Climate Control Are Essential Reasons to Invest in a Home or Office Generator

LogoWhen natural disasters strike, being without electricity can create havoc. An investment in a portable or home standby generator can save countless hours of downtime and aggravation. For business owners, downtime means lost revenue and for homeowners, downtime equates to unexpected expense.

Important Snow Thrower Consumer Information

LogoWith winter fast approaching, now is the time to research snow thrower options and price points. Do-Cut’s Power Equipment Warehouse would like to help by offering important and practical information.

October Is the Ideal Month for Snow Thrower Servicing

LogoAccording to Do-Cut Power Equipment Warehouse experts, October is the best time to service a snow blower. Early servicing ensures preparedness for an early blast of winter snow. Servicing can be done by a do-it-yourselfer, or at a local repair shop.

Hydroponic Light Bulbs Supplier Offers over 200 Lighting Options for Growers is proud to announce that the site now features over 200 light bulb choices for growers utilizing hydroponics to grow their plants. Available at the best prices on the web,'s wide selection of bulbs now makes it the leading hydroponic light bulbs provider on the internet.

Student Entrepreneur Reinvents Shovel, Adding Ergonomic Handle to Help Reduce Workplace Injuries and OSHA Fines

LogoAfter wielding a shovel doing odd jobs for his parents a few summers ago, Loyola Marymount University student Stephen Walden, then 22, thought to himself, “it shouldn’t be normal to wake up sore every day after using this tool. Why not come up with a way to make shovels easier to use?” Walden’s efforts to create a more ergonomic garden and construction tool may ultimately help reduce workplace injuries and help American businesses comply with federal and state ergonomic regulations.

Slavic Beauty to Attend the 2013 World Dairy Expo

Slavic Beauty, distributor of quality dairy equipment, will be participating in the 2013 World Dairy Expo on October 1-5 in Madison, Wisconsin.

How to Mow Smartly All Season Long

LogoPower Equipment Warehouse, lawn care and equipment experts, offer valuable tips for keeping mower blades sharp and lawns well hydrated.

Central Turf & Irrigation Supply Partners with Hunter Industries for Smart Irrigation Month

LogoCentral Turf & Irrigation Supply, an industry leader in distributing smart irrigation products and landscaping solutions, is proud to announce a partnership with longtime partner Hunter Industries as part of their participation in the Irrigation Association 2013 Smart Irrigation Month Competition. Central serves thousands of irrigation professionals in the United States and Canada, and will leverage its customer base to promote the importance using water saving products. “Last year, we promoted an EPA WaterSense Partner Program membership drive, and got great feedback from our customers. This year we want to directly influence the products our customers use by giving them incentives to be responsible water stewards,” said Central Turf and Irrigation Supply President Bernardo Luciano. This is also the first time that the nationwide distributor is partnering with a manufacturer in order to promote an environmentally friendly goal. “Being an environmentally conscious company is the direction that our brand will take as we grow to more locations across the US,” said Marketing Manager, Isaac Mathew.

Do-Cut's Power Equipment Warehouse Tree Selection Tips

LogoWhen choosing tree species, beauty is not the only criteria to consider. Diversity, quality and environment are important factors, and can make all the difference for healthy trees now and in the future.

It's All Business when Representing the Argo ETV Product Line

When you’re in the business of renting out equipment, there’s no higher compliment than a local market that calls for your product by name. This is a common bond for two shops in two very different parts of Canada.

How to Keep Outdoor Power Equipment Running in Inclement Weather

LogoDo-Cut’s Power Equipment Warehouse experts offer timely advice to save valuable power equipment from harsh weather conditions.

Tips to Keep Greenery Safe and Healthy After a Heavy Snowfall

LogoHeavy snowfall can cause severe damage to landscaped areas. Due to the recent extreme snow events, many people wonder if it is best to physically remove the snow from trees and shrubs around their homes. The answer is no. You can actually do more harm than good, especially if the snow is heavily packed. It is far better to let the snow melt than to shovel the snow away from your plants and shrubs. If your yard is full of shrubs and trees with broken limbs, make clean cuts to the limbs as soon as possible. Be sure to also remove fallen debris and limbs from the base of healthy plants; this will keep away insects and disease. Debris and broken limbs create a perfect environment for insects to breed and disease to spread.

Do-Cut's Power Equipment Warehouse Safety Tips

LogoLet’s face it, at one time or another we have all taken our safety for granted; in a car, by a stove or on a ladder. However when it comes to using any outdoor power equipment, safety is not an option - it is critical or you’ll end up in critical care!

Chicken Coop Plans: How to Building a Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Plans are a hot topic right now with the economy in its current condition. The chicken industry is becoming very popular because raising chickens can be fun and beneficial too. With the combination of the economy being in a constant state of flux and the current push to go organic for health benefits, many people are looking for ways to cut expenses and eat healthier. Surprisingly, there is an easy way to do this and that is by building a chicken coop. While it may sound odd at first, let’s take a brief look at the benefits of chicken coop building.

Critical Snow Blower Care Tips to Ensure a Stress-Free Winter

LogoDo-Cut’s Power Equipment Warehouse wants to help you prepare for the snowy season soon upon us. If you put away your snow blower at the end of last winter and completely forgot about it, here are some questions to ask yourself;

Do-Cut's Power Equipment Warehouse Picks Up Where Fall Leaves Off

LogoHomeowners typically love the Autumn season but dread the lawn care tasks associated with falling leaves, increased moisture and falling temperatures. Do-Cut’s Power Equipment Warehouse team of outdoor power equipment and lawn care professionals can provide advice, tips and all of the equipment a homeowner needs to make lawn care easy.

Recent Drought Conditions Drive Need for "Green Intervention"

LogoThis year’s weather has challenged those of us who tried to maintain a healthy, lush, green lawn. Severe droughts in some areas of the U.S. have forced lawns into dormancy. Although lawns actually look worse than they are, this is the perfect time for “green intervention.”

Timely Advice from the Lawn Mower Experts at Power Equipment Warehouse

LogoPower Equipment Warehouse offers great tips to ensure your valuable equipment runs like it should.