Agriculture Press Releases

Grown Up Hydroponics Open Day for National Vegetable Society

Hydroponic growing has been hailed by many all over the world as the first choice for future sustainable food production. Hydroponic growing has many benefits, doesn't use soil and can be set up absolutely anywhere, allowing green fingers enthusiasts the ultimate creative freedom as plants are grown using artificial lights and nutrient filled water solutions, efficiently and effectively growing all manner of produce.

Hydroponica Now Stocking Shogun Fertilizers

ShoGun Fertilizers was born out of a desire to create something new and special for the hydroponics market – and that is exactly what they have done. After years of research, development and commercial application Shogun Fertilizers now presents truly exceptional nutrients and additives which combine amazing value dilution rates with remarkable performance.

Heliospectra AB to Present at the Viridian Cannabis Investment Conference in Florida

LogoHeliospectra AB (OTCQB:HLSPY, FIRSTNORTH:HELIO), a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for plant research and controlled environment agriculture, is pleased to announce that the Company was selected to present at the Viridian Cannabis Investment Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on June 8, 2016. The conference will be held at The Westin Fort Lauderdale Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, marking the first-ever cannabis investment conference in the State.

Scottish Organic Food Sales Growth

According to new research, demand for food in the Scottish organic sector is rapidly increasing with a rise of 2.6% in the last year. The figures from Kantar Worldpanel show that circa £52.6 million was spent on organic produce in Scotland with the demand increasing well into this year.

Wingfield Ag & Lawn Sharpens Up the Discussion Around Why New Lawnmower Blades Are Essential

LogoEveryone likes to save money. In some cases, however, keeping that cash under lock and key actually ends up costing more – especially when it comes to lawn mower blades. Being an integral part of the lawn and landscaping industry for over two decades, Wingfield Ag & Lawn sees the cycle that occurs of wasting time and money and not having a lawn that reaches its full potential. Since day one, its goal has been for Americans all across the country to have beautiful lawns that can be kept up efficiently – both in terms of economy and physical labor.

UK Pig Production on the Rise

The latest figures from Defra show that pig meat production is steadily increasing in the UK. The statistics showed that figures for March were at 79,800 tonnes of output, an increase of 5%. Clean pig slaughterings also rose by 3% for the month standing at 920,000 head, being heavier when compared with March 2015 at an average weight of 83.1kg... a whopping kilo more.

Helpful Tips for Healthy, Green Grass

LogoGot good dirt? How does one know? Let's face it, people flourish in a good environment, and grass, flowers and vegetables do too. Most soil issues start with pH problems – the acidity or alkalinity of the dirt. Every state has a Cooperative Extension Agent; the Cooperative Extension Agent can be contacted to check the soil in a particular area. The percentages of sand, silt and clay are evaluated. Once determined, it may take time to get the soil issues ironed out. Remember, lime is not an instant fix! Let the experts at your local Extension office help.

Green Spaces and Living Healthier Lives

LogoCold weather residents long for green grass, blooming trees and the beautiful outdoor spaces the spring season delivers. Green spaces are fundamental components for health. Studies have shown that people who spend more time outside, or who are exposed to living landscapes are happier, healthier and smarter. Those who have access to nature and managed landscapes are less stressed.

Heliospectra to Present New Findings at the 8th International Symposium on Light in Horticulture

LogoHeliospectra AB (OTCQB:HLSPY), a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for plant research and controlled environment agriculture, will present their latest findings on light quality and optimisation at the upcoming VIII International Symposium on Light in Horticulture, East Lansing, Michigan, May 22-26.

Heliospectra AB (Publ), Interim Management Statement January – March 2016

LogoHeliospectra AB (publ) (OTCQB: HLSPY) (FIRSTNORTH: HELIO). Financial Report: Net turnover was KSEK KSEK 4,753 (2,126)...

Uk Organic Food Sales Grow

In recent times, there has been a paradigm shift in food production with more and more people opting for a sustainable and healthy diet as opposed to the excess of processed and junk food readily available to the British public.

UK IKEA to Offer Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Hydroponics has been championed by many as the premier method for cost effective and sustainable food production amidst increasing world poverty and high demand for safe, healthy food sources. Hydroponic growing presents numerous benefits as it uses artificial lighting and does not require the use of soil, enabling it to be used absolutely anywhere.

Seedbase Announces Sale of Its Trademark and Domain Names

Seedbase, Inc., a leading agricultural seed company, announced today it is selling the Seedbase® U.S. registered trademark, 12 top level domain names:,,,,,,,,,,,, and its Seedbase Twitter and Facebook socila media accounts.

Heliospectra AB to Exhibit at the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL

LogoHeliospectra AB (OTCQB: HLSPY, FIRSTNORTH: HELIO), a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for controlled environments, is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at the upcoming Marijuana Business Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida, on May 9 to 11. Heliospectra is exhibiting at Booth #816 and will be welcoming both new and well-known clients and business partners.

The Future of Sustainable Food Production

Hydroponics has been hailed by many as the number one method for sustainable and efficient food production amidst growing world poverty and increasing demand for healthy, safe food sources. Hydroponic growing has many benefits and does not require soil; the process uses artificial light and as such, can be set up absolutely anywhere.

Nasa Marsian Tomato Initiative

Hydroponic growing is rapidly being hailed as the future of sustainable food production due to its numerous benefits. Hydroponic growing involves the growth of plants using artificial light in a nutrient packed, water based solution without the need for soil. This means that hydroponics can be set up anywhere to effectively and efficiently produce and supply food.

Can Cloud Grown Lettuce Help Alleviate Poverty?

Hydroponic growing is a system or method of food production which involves growing plants under artificial light in a nutrient rich, water based solution without the need for soil. Up until recent times, hydroponics has been an uncommon and somewhat niche method for the production of food.

New Spring Flowering Peony Plants with Long Color and Fragrance Now at announces the addition of new Peony Perennial Plants. From bush form peonies to the upright growing Itoh Paeonia, spring flowers never garnered so much attention.

Company List Brings Extensive List of Agriculture Companies in New York for Buying Agro Based Products & Processed Foods

A wide range of agriculture related and agro based products is often required for various types of human and animal needs. The product range includes animal feeds, animal products, beans, coffee beans, fertilizers, fruits, food grain, nuts and cereals, oils, processed food items, juices and other beverages etc. Company List now brings a large List of Agriculture Companies in New York that deal in these products. A company can choose a product manufacturer or supplier from the list and can procure items of their choice.

Solar Light Company Announces UV Sensors Are Available for Farming and Agricultural Applications

LogoMontgomery County, PA-based, Solar Light Company, is pleased to announce that they have UV sensors available for farming and agricultural applications. Farmers, or other individuals who are interested in purchasing one of their sensors to acquire accurate information on crops, soil, climate, and the environment, can visit the company's website, Those who have questions can also call them at 215-517-8700, or email

TriState Forestry Equipment Can Help Growing Arborists

TriState Forestry Equipment, located in West Chester, PA, specializes in nationwide sales of used arborist and forestry supplies. Their inventory ranges from smaller equipment like skid loaders and stump grinders to those that are larger like chipper and log grapple trucks for sale. ISA Certified Arborists carefully inspect all equipment to ensure that they meet the most rigorous quality standards for performance and safety. TriState Forestry Equipment will only sell supplies that meet requirements like electrical insulation and CDL weight limits.

Creeping Phlox Ground Covers in Spring Bloom at announces Creeping Phlox are in spring flower and shipping to home gardeners throughout the continental United States and Alaska.

Portland Homegrown Creates Grow and Cure Herb Kits

As herbs get more expensive, and people get more concerned about locally sourcing their organics, Portland Homegrown knows that figuring out how to get started with growing and curing your own herbs can be confusing. Which products do you need? Which ones aren't worth the money?

School Initiative Draws Attention to the Sustainable and Social Benefit of Hydroponics

A number of news items have recently highlighted the popularity of hydroponics as a modern method of agriculture; potentially more ethical than other commercial ways of farming too. Particular attention has been paid to Bangor High School in the US, where students have made a number of hydroponics installations; allowing them to grow a range of vegetables on the school site. This started with romaine lettuce using hydroponics equipment in December, and is now part of a bigger project of ambitious growth; with 72 lettuces so far. News like this highlights the ability of hydroponic growing to allow for boosted yields and indoor suitability; set to be embraced by UK society also.

Whole Foods Market Northern California & Reno Chooses Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) as 5% Day Recipient

LogoShop Wednesday, April 6th at any Whole Foods Market Northern California & Reno (WFMNC) store and five percent of your purchase will support bringing fresh produce grown by local family farmers to a school in your community. This helps support local family farmers, while providing fresh and nutritious food in school cafeterias.