Agriculture Press Releases

Wide Range of Thermal Foggers Available from Leader in Outdoor Fogging Technology

A global manufacturer and supplier of technologically advanced outdoor fogging equipment, Longray Technology, proudly offers an exceptional range of portable thermal foggers for use in any outside disinfecting or eradication need.

Grow & Harvest Explain Different Hydroponic Growing Methods – Allowing All to Select the Most Suitable Solutions

In recent years many people have started growing their produce hydroponically, realising the benefits and reaping them completely. However, although it is easy to see the many advantages of hydroponic growing online and in the media, such as reduced grow times, better quality produce and more – when opting to take up the growing method, it has become apparent that many struggle to decide which hydroponic growing method is best for them. In line with this, one leading supplier of hydroponics equipment, Grow & Harvest, have recently explained some of the different style of set-ups to all, including the following:

Mail Online Promotes Mediterranean Diet – Claiming It Can Stop Older Brains from Shrinking: Grow World Comments

The Mail Online has recently spoken out about a recently conducted study in which shows that following a Mediterranean diet could halt the brain of older people in their seventies from shrinking – stating that eating lots of vegetables, fruits, olive oil, and even a glass of wine per day could enable grey matters to decline as we age.

Tropicanna Horticulture Announces Fabulous Annual Special Offers

Tropicanna Horticulture, a leading hydroponics provider, regularly has special offers available for their customers to take advantage of, with their current two special offers being the 600W Pro Gear Ballast Euro Reflector Light Kit and the Budget Grow Tent 100cm x 100cm x 200cm. Both the light kit and the grow tent are perfect choices for anyone who would like to start their hydroponic journey in the New Year and ideal for someone who is already growing hydroponically.

Hello Magazine Boasts Benefits of the Vegan Diet: Green Spirit Hydroponics Comments

With many people participating in Veganuary this month – testing the vegan diet for a month to discover its benefits and advantages, Hello Magazine has recently released an article stating just five of the most superior benefits offered by the vegan diet for all to see.

Project Soymilk Partners with Indiegogo to Combat Malnutrition and Unemployment

LogoProject Soymilk is a passion designed by a team of young and well motivated entrepreneurs in Delvira Limited to achieve two major goals. Firstly, provide a nutritionally balanced and healthy food drink to young undernourished children and those that are nutritionally challenged due to their health status such as diabetic patients and lactose intolerant individuals. Secondly, the other goal of Project soymilk is to leverage on the agricultural and economic value chain of soybean processing in to soymilk to provide the much needed jobs and opportunities to young unemployed persons within the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Project Soymilk is an agro-processing initiative where soybean would be processed into soymilk which has numerous nutritional and health benefits in fighting cancer, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, osteoporosis and acute malnutrition.

The Weekly Challenger Reveals Healthy Eating Habits Worth Cultivating in 2017: Leeds Hydro Store Comments

With 2017 already upon us many of us have already no doubt made New Year's resolutions, however some people much prefer to make gradual changes towards healthier lifestyles, with The Weekly Challenger recently revealing just some of the healthy eating habits worth cultivating in 2017. For all whom are looking to kick start the New Year in a healthy fashion, here are some of the habits in which The Weekly Challenger are promoting:

Forbes Announces 10 Health-Related New Year's Resolutions: Grow & Harvest Comments

It is a well-known fact that New Year's resolutions often fall flat in early Jan - this is due to people making overwhelming and unattainable resolutions that are difficult to stick to. However, a new year presents all with a chance to change our lives for the better, even if approached in baby steps. This year, like many prior, it has become apparent that many are making health-related resolutions, and in line with this Forbes has recently released an article stating 10 health-related resolutions to consider – urging all to take the plunge, even if it is now slightly late. (It's better late than never.)

Hydroponica Now Proud Suppliers of Remo Nutrients

Hydroponica, an industry renowned supplier of hydroponics equipment, well known for their dedication to providing the greatest hydroponic collections at the most affordable prices, has recently added a new line of nutrients to their incredibly extensive range, the world dominating Remo Nutrients.

Veganuary – A Great Alternative to Dry January: Grown Up Hydroponics Comments

While many people are committing to Dry January, pledging to quit the booze for 31 days, many others across the globe are instead opting to participate in Veganuary instead – vowing to follow the vegan diet for the month and eliminating meat, fish, diary, eggs and honey from their diets. So far a record 50,000 have signed up, and it is anticipated that even more are going to follow suite, and attempt the vegan diet in another month of their choice.

Veganuary – People Going Vegan for One Month: Bradford Hydroponics Comments

Veganuary is a campaign in which it's encouraging people to try going vegan for the month of January – and so far a record 50,000 have signed up to participate, pledging to ditch meat, fish, dairy, eggs and honey for 31 days.

Tropicanna Horticulture Reveal Top Hydroponics Advantages – Urging All to Make the Growing Method Transition

Industry dominating hydroponics equipment supplier, Tropicanna Horticulture, have recently been making huge efforts to urge more people to make the transitions to hydroponic gardening from more traditional, soil-based methods – revealing the many benefits for all to consider, alongside offering the most quality equipment at the most competitive prices.

Heliospectra Appoints New CEO

LogoHeliospectra AB (publ) (OTCQB:HLSPY, FIRSTNORTH:HELIO), a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for controlled environments horticulture, is pleased to announce that the board of directors have elected Ali Ahmadian as the new CEO of Heliospectra. Mr. Ahmadian joined Heliospectra as Chief Commercial Officer in November of last year and will assume the position of CEO on February 1, 2017.

Leading Hydroponics Equipment Supplier Offers Winter Hydroponics Tips

Dominating provider of hydroponics equipment Green Spirit Hydroponics constantly update their blog, allowing their customers to receive advice regarding hydroponic growing and in turn grow to the best of their abilities, with their most recent blog post focusing on hydroponic growing throughout winter and the colder months to ensure that all of their customers know what and what not to do.

Children Who Don't Eat Fruit and Vegetables Are More at Risk of Asthma: Grow & Harvest Comments

The Daily Mail has recently released a new article which claims that children who don't eat fruit and vegetables are 53% more at risk of getting Asthma. Fruit and vegetables contain a lot of nutrients which naturally boosts the immune system, however with children not eating enough it means that they're more at risk of getting asthma. It has been said that 5.4 million people in the UK alone suffer from this condition which effects breathing.

Nutritionist Reveals Why People Should Never Boil Vegetables: Grow World Comments

Many people not only in the UK but worldwide struggle to eat their recommended five-a-day, but did you know that even those who manage to eat theirs could be doing it wrong? A nutritionist for the Mail Online has recently spoke out, stating that we could be cooking our vegetables all wrong, claiming that boiling our vegetables could be ruining their health benefits and destroying our superfoods.

Barrie House Sponsors Guaya'b Organic Productivity and Quality Project

Barrie House sponsors productivity and quality project of 2,500 sacks of organic fertilizer to strengthen organic production of all GUAYA'B in Jacaltenango, Guatemala cooperative members.

Subscribe to HealthyWiser to Get the Soil Meter 15% Off

HealthyWiser has just recently launched the newly designed website containing product information, discount offers and more. The website is now equipped with tabs that include information on both old and new products, testimonials, blogs and steps on joining the HealthyWiser Club.

HealthyWiser Tips: Growing Veggies in Condo Spaces

A nice space, a comfortable bed, a state-of-the-art kitchen and a great location – nothing beats the facilities of condominiums. But for someone with the green thumb, the idea of waking up each day without the need to water some plants can be a nuisance.

New Customers Applaud HealthyWiser Soil Meter for Better Crops

New customers are hyped up about HealthyWiser's 3 way soil meter for giving them better crops. From tomatoes to flowers, Amazon customers could not thank HealthyWiser's soil meter enough for letting them have better produce. Read on to find out more.

Smartest Ideas on Setting Up Gardens in Condos

Today, more people are moving to condominiums from their village houses. Condo living lets them be nearer to coffee shops and restaurants when they need to dine out. It also allows them to shop since many condominiums are designed in the same building as malls.

HealthyWiser Tips: Taking Care of Christmas Poinsettias Well

A website sponsored by the Michigan State University Extension provided tips on how poinsettia growers can take care of their plants in Christmas.

Leeds Hydro Store Reveals Cold Weather Hydroponics Tips

Hydroponics is a beautiful and amazing method of growing in which is growing in popularity each and every day in the UK. Easy to complete and boasting numerous benefits, many people have made the transition to hydroponics from traditional gardening in 2016, however it is vital that these people know how to handle their hydroponics grows in the cold weather – to avoid any damage from being made. Because of this one leading hydroponics supplier, Leeds Hydro Store, has recently revealed some top tips for all hydroponic growers to consider this winter.

Tropicanna Horticulture Release Winter Hydroponic Gardening Tips

2016 has been another great year for the hydroponics industry – with many gardeners and growers switching to hydroponics from more traditional, soil-based methods. This is absolutely wonderful news, however with the seasons changing and the cold weather upon is it is vital that these new hydroponics gardeners know how to look after their grows during the colder months in order to achieve the best results and minimise the risk of damage occurring. In line with this one dominant hydroponics equipment supplier, Tropicanna Horticulture, has revealed some top tips for all to consider.

The Telegraph Reveals Cool Brussels Sprouts Facts in Time for Christmas: Grown Up Hydroponics Comments

Brussels sprouts are somewhat like Marmite, people seem to either love them or hate them, there is no in-between, however when it comes to Brussels sprouts it seems that there's many things in which people do not know about them, with the Telegraph recently publishing an article jam-packed full of Brussels sprouts facts for all to feast upon.