Agriculture Press Releases

Leeds Hydro Store Reveals Cold Weather Hydroponics Tips

Hydroponics is a beautiful and amazing method of growing in which is growing in popularity each and every day in the UK. Easy to complete and boasting numerous benefits, many people have made the transition to hydroponics from traditional gardening in 2016, however it is vital that these people know how to handle their hydroponics grows in the cold weather – to avoid any damage from being made. Because of this one leading hydroponics supplier, Leeds Hydro Store, has recently revealed some top tips for all hydroponic growers to consider this winter.

Tropicanna Horticulture Release Winter Hydroponic Gardening Tips

2016 has been another great year for the hydroponics industry – with many gardeners and growers switching to hydroponics from more traditional, soil-based methods. This is absolutely wonderful news, however with the seasons changing and the cold weather upon is it is vital that these new hydroponics gardeners know how to look after their grows during the colder months in order to achieve the best results and minimise the risk of damage occurring. In line with this one dominant hydroponics equipment supplier, Tropicanna Horticulture, has revealed some top tips for all to consider.

The Telegraph Reveals Cool Brussels Sprouts Facts in Time for Christmas: Grown Up Hydroponics Comments

Brussels sprouts are somewhat like Marmite, people seem to either love them or hate them, there is no in-between, however when it comes to Brussels sprouts it seems that there's many things in which people do not know about them, with the Telegraph recently publishing an article jam-packed full of Brussels sprouts facts for all to feast upon.

Leading Hydroponics Supplier Reveals Astonishing Hydroponic Growing Benefits

Hydroponic growing is each day becoming more and more popular across the world, with a high number of people in the UK in particular being drawn to the gardening method and in turn reaping its many advantages. One company, whom couldn't be more delighted with this, is hydroponics supplier Hydroponica, who continuously reveal hydroponic growing benefits for all to see, giving people a clear indication of how they could utilise the growing method to their advantage.

Online Agricultural Identification Company Offers Destron Life Chips

LogoThe owners of Sagebrush Tags know the farming and the livestock business in and out having been in it their entire lives. Their experience and knowledge is what leads them to stock only the most durable, suitable, and practical tags on the market. Sagebrush's great product lineup includes some great brands including Destron Life Chips.

Startup News: SocEnt @Urbanfarmerz Launches Agrotech Crowdfunder; Empowering ECommerce for Backyard Farmers

"After nine months of research and development across Canada's growing urban agriculture communities, we've targeted three areas of concern", says the venture's lead marketing and community engagement guru, Sheldon Pilot a former account and production lead with marketing firm Ogilvy.

Leading Hydroponics Equipment Supplier Now Offering Free Delivery

Grow world is one of the leading suppliers of hydroponics equipment in the UK hydroponics industry, offering a multitude of products, with options suitable for all levels of hydroponic gardener – from beginners to enthusiasts. To make their customers even happier the company has recently decided to offer free delivery to all that spend over £100.

UK Hydroponics Company Supplies Complete "Grow Your Own Chili" Kits and Leaves Customers Overjoyed

As many of you will already be aware, the majority of "grow your own" kits out there unfortunately don't contain all of the components needed for growing – from soil to flowerpots, when purchasing these kits many people are often left disappointed, realising that they need to go back out to purchase more things. However, one company, Grown Up Hydroponics, has recently changed this offering what is possible the first ever complete grow you own chili kit.

Droppings Found at Derby Wholesale Produce Suppliers: Local Hydroponics Company Urges People to Grow Their Own

Recent news articles have drawn attention to the fact that droppings have been discovered at Derby wholesalers that supplies vegetables and fruits to a multitude of local restaurants, takeaways and cash-and-carries on a regular basis. The droppings were found in the wholesalers main store room, and one local company, Tropicanna Horticulture, are warning that locals should now consider growing their own produce.

Hydroponic Farming Used to Manage Stress and Depression: Leading Hydroponics Supplier Comments

Although when people think of farming they consider it to be a physically and psychologically demanding and in some cases even draining, occupation – one farming method has recently hit the headlines, with people claiming it to be a coping mechanism from stress and depression – this method is, unless you haven't already guessed – hydroponics!

Keighley Residents Being Urged to Make Changes to Boost Their Health: Bradford Hydroponics Comments

The people of Keighley are being urged to make changes to boost their health, with a session being held on November 17th in the Airedale Shopping Centre focusing on the importance of people ensuring that they consume the recommended five-a-day.

Dominating Hydroponics Equipment Supplier Urges All to Consider Hydroponic Growing

One leading hydroponics equipment provider, Grow World, has recently been urging all gardeners and growers to consider switching to hydroponic growing methods, with the ultimate aim to see more people within the UK consuming the freshest and most nutritious vegetables and produce, whilst having fun.

Dominating Hydroponics Equipment Supplier Urges All to Take Up Advantageous Growing Method

The majority of people no doubt started off their gardening journeys by growing in soil, however these people would possibly be surprised in knowing that there's an alternative growing method available in which provides a plethora of benefits – this is, hydroponics.

Beer Hops Now Being Grown in Energy-Efficient Greenhouses

Hops are one of the most vital ingredients in beer. Typically they only flower once per year in the mountainous state however since January the owner of this said greenhouse Bill Bauerle has efficiently raised and picked four hefty crops – thanks to the manipulative powers of his colour changing LED lights and other innovative equipment.

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Scientific American Delve Into the Wonderful World of Hydroponic Vegetables: Tropicanna Horticulture Comments

Hydroponics is a high-tech farming method which instead of relying on seasons utilises modern equipment such as grow lights to create the most superior conditions. Recently Scientific American took it upon themselves to find out the pros of hydroponic farming and this is what they discovered:

Quality of Fruits and Vegetables Available in Leeds Is Incredibly Poor: Leading Hydroponics Company Urges People to Grow Their Own

Leeds shops and supermarkets are currently stocking fruits and vegetables of dismal quality – this is thought to be because they have now become more difficult to source. In line with this one local hydroponics equipment supplier, Leeds Hydro Store is urging all to grow their own vegetables in order to be able to enjoy to most quality, fresh and nutritional produce.

Brexit Could Wipe out Fresh British Vegetables: Hydroponica Comments

It has recently been reported that eliminating migrant workers from the supply chain could result in the abolishment of fresh British vegetables, with one leading British farmer in particular warning that if Brexit immigration controls are to prevent thousands of Eastern Europeans from working in the UK like planned, our supermarket shelves will no longer be able to offer British produce.

Sky News Warns That Fresh British Veg Could Be Eliminated by Brexit: Hydroponics Presents a Solution

One leading farmer, Guy Poskitt, has warned that if post-Brexit immigration controls prevent thousands of Eastern Europeans from working in the UK, the results could be incredibly damaging, claiming that it is simply impossible to source enough British labourers to do the work. This is because locals are not willing to take the up the available jobs in agriculture because of the physical labour and small prospects for advancement – even when they pay well above minimum wage.

Vegetables Replacing Meat by 2020: Grown Up Hydroponics Comments

The Observer has released a new blog which states that vegetables will replace meat by 2020, a variety of chefs, food activists and scientific research have all agreed that this shift was going to happen and that vegetables will now dominate the plate of the American dinner.

Alpaca Owners Association Announces New Executive Director

LogoThe Alpaca Owners Association, Inc. Board of Directors is pleased to announce Robert "Bud" Synhorst as its new executive director.

Digipath's Todd Denkin Comments on Successful Passage of Recreational Cannabis in Nevada and Impact on Lab Testing Market

LogoDigipath, Inc. (OTCQB:DIGP), an independent cannabis lab testing and media firm, believes that Nevada's recent approval of the recreational use of cannabis will push the industry to more standardized lab testing practices, resulting in a highly favorable long-term impact on Nevada's cannabis lab testing market.

HealthyWiser Now Offers Product Packages at Affordable Prices

HealthyWiser is a company that offers products for wellness and health. To ensure that it provides maximum benefits for all, the company now offers its soil moisture meter packaged with other products in one price.

HealthyWiser Recipes: How to Make a Fresh Garden Recipe Snack

Website Midwest Living shared some snack recipes with ingredients fresh from the garden. These recipes are perfect when people have a nice garden in their yards.

Reviews of the Best LED Grow Lights in 2016 Launched at the Rate Inc

In a recent development, review site has published a new article wherein comprehensive reviews of the best LED grow lights currently available in the market have been shared. As per the opinion of one of the site's representatives, the reviews will be most useful for those consumers who have large plantations and are planning on getting the most efficient lighting systems for their plants.