Agriculture Press Releases

Bitenergi Team Looks to Raise $220,000 via Rocket Hub for Their Unique Eco Business Plan "Own a Mahogany Tree in the Philippines Paradise"

Spending in mahogany trees is an old concept and a tree owner can help clean our environment and also earn real money. It is much better than having a pension, as the mahogany tree is a palpable asset, not a volatile investment!

Keno Tractors Acquires CeeTee Tractor Co

Keno Tractors - the premier west coast Jinma dealer - acquired fellow Jinma tractor dealer CeeTee Tractor Co in an effort to expand their online presence and add to their customer base. The acquisition took place April 2014, and the companies merged without difficulties within a short amount of time.

Safety Still Imperative when Mowing the Lawn at Home

LogoDo-Cut’s Power Equipment Warehouse

New Soil Moisture Sensor Tracks Changing Weather, Moisture and pH Level

LogoA slight change in weather brings about change in the way one eats, the clothes that one wears. This is done mainly to adapt to the climate and thus stay healthy. Similarly, the change in weather affects the soil and also the nutrients it may have. Change in soil, in return affects the growth of plants that are being grown there. Thus, it is important to maintain the quality of soil and its nutrient contents so that it can supply adequate amounts of nutrients and minerals that are necessary for the plant to grow.

Soil Moisture Monitoring Is Now Inexpensive, Reliable and Easy to Use

LogoDryland cropping involves consideration of a number of factors like what would be the right time to plant the seeds and when to apply fertilizers. It is important to figure out the right time for taking these actions as it influences the total farm income as well as the crop yield to a great extent. While it is quite difficult to find the accurate time, one can get an idea by measuring the moisture level of the soil. And when it comes to buying a soil moisture sensor, Hornet is the best device to use. Using the Hornet continuous management, one can understand whether it is the right time to plant a crop or not.

Cattle Feed Market (With Overview on Ruminant Feed) - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2018

LogoThe cattle feed market is increasing due to the industrialization of dairy and meat. The leading companies in the cattle feed market are continuously adopting new technologies for its manufacturing. The leading manufacturers of cattle meat are increasingly using cattle feed for supplementing the diet of cattle. The market for the dairy segment was the largest in 2013, and is projected to grow with the increasing demand for milk and dairy products in the industry. The demand for cattle feed is increasing due to its associated benefits such as improved health, increased milk yield, and enhanced quality of meat The calf feed market is comparatively smaller than feed market, and is projected to grow at the CAGR of 3.4% from 2013 to 2018.

Water Tank Specialist Welcomes New Defra Secretary

Norfolk MP Liz Truss replaces Owen Paterson as Defra secretary, a move that could bring water more to the forefront of farming. The move comes as part of David Cameron’s major cabinet reshuffle. With an interest in food and farming issues in her constituency, particularly surrounding food and water security, after the last drought, Truss arranged for farmers to meet ministers to discuss concerns about water supplies for irrigated crops in Norfolk and Suffolk. She has also called for greater protection for farmland from flooding.

Additional FFIS Grants for Rainwater Tanks

Peterborough-based plastic water tank specialist, Enduramaxx, is helping farmers to utilise a new wave of Farming and Improvement Scheme (FFIS) funding which could help them to buy rainwater tanks, amongst other vital farming items. Announces the Launch of the World's First Online Marketplace for Buying and Selling In-Ground and Out-Ground Plants today announced the launch of their online marketplace for buying and selling in-ground and out-of-ground landscape trees and shrubs. The service will initially focus on New England and then expand nationally.

Hornet Now Installed at Randwick Racecourse NSW

LogoThe Royal Randwick Racecourse located in Australia is known for the world class 6 level grand stands. It was recently renovated and now has an increased capacity at the venue. It is spread across 200 acres of land and has about 15 indoor and outdoor spaces where one can organize exhibitions, races, trade shows, dinners, corporate days and more. This huge place with a good management team needs to look the best all the time. Since, there is no specific time when a space in within the racecourse will be leased it needs to look at its best throughout the year.

Love Your Garden and Conserve Water with Hornet Device

LogoThe change in climatic conditions in today’s world has been raising an alarm for each one to contribute and save the environment. This means reducing the amount of pollution, planting more trees and making it a better place to live in. In recent times, it is observed that Australia is becoming hotter and drier. This has also given rise to water problems in the country. Now the question is about how would one manage to plant trees and also conserve water at the same time.

Rainwater Tanks Could Counter Water Abstraction Limits

With water featuring highly on the agenda at this year’s Cereal Event, the issue of potential water extraction limits suggested by Defra to bring the UK in-line with the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive are of concern to many in farming.

Electronic Predator Deterrent Devices Are Saving Snow Leopards

LogoOnly 4,500-7,500 snow leopards remain in the wild of central Asia. Living in the rugged, forbidding mountains, these endangered, elusive cats continue to be threatened by the humans sharing their land. Conflicts with traditional livestock herders have escalated sharply in recent years, resulting in retaliatory killing of snow leopards. From the Himalayas north to Siberia, herders are especially angered by surplus killing that occurs when a snow leopard enters a corral and kills up to 50 or more of the confined sheep and goats. In a very real sense, such livestock represent each family’s primary “bank account.”

Predator Guard Offers Solar Powered Predator Deterrent Lights

LogoThere's nothing more disturbing than seeing fresh gardens or valuable livestock being obliterated by wild animals or night predators.

Hahndorf Farm Barn Provides Great Birthday Party Activities for Kids in Adelaide

Hahndorf Farm Barn provides great birthday party activities in Adelaide at value for money prices. Their birthday party ideas have been developed into either fully catered and hosted birthday parties, or a self-catered birthday party option, both are filled with adventure and fun, something which surely will make your child’s birthday parties a memorable one! These parties are available for children of all ages who will just love to celebrate their birthday surrounded by the cutest and cuddliest baby animals in a safe and supportive farm environment.

Inputs4ag Provides Valuable Information on Greenhouse Tomato Farming to Farmers in Kenya

Inputs4ag is a services directory that was developed to create value to both input suppliers and farmers. Having noticed the gap in farm inputs procurement between farmers and input suppliers, this directory service was created.

Inputs4ag Intends to Connect Kenyan Farmers with the Right Input Suppliers

Inputs4ag is Kenya’s first online and mobile phone based farm inputs. It is designed to ease relations between farmers and input suppliers.

Hornet Offers Economical and Simple Devices to Measure Your Plants' Health

LogoA rapid change in the climatic conditions across the world and also in Australia has been forcing mankind to adopt better methods of living. Australia has now started becoming hotter and drier and hence the water needs for this country has been increasing. Some of the most major uses of water are drinking, sanitary use and watering the gardens. In order to balance the state of the environment, one would need to take care of plants and trees as well. Thus, there should be enough water for human use and also to take care of plants around the homes. In order to prevent the wastage caused due to over watering of plants there are devices that are introduced to perform soil moisture monitoring.

John Sessa Co-Founder of "Organics of Chicago" Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Change the Lives of Urban Residents by Using Emerging Green Technologies

LogoOrganics of Chicago promises to help grow healthy neighborhoods, lives and lifestyles through the best of green innovation and social responsibility. Organics is going to be more than just an urban farm. The buildings will include transitional or supportive housing apartments. The units will house challenged individuals while providing job training and personal development support programming.

Abraxis' Progesterone/Bovine Pregnancy ELISA Kit Is Used to Improve Dairy Herd Reproductive Management and Milk Production

Abraxis LLC, a supplier of rapid detection solutions to the multi billion dollar global dairy industry, recently introduced a simple, reliable and inexpensive progesterone/bovine pregnancy ELISA kit for the early and accurate assessment of bovine oestrus cycle and pregnancy. Early detection of non pregnant cows is important to reduce calving intervals and optimize milk production. During the bovine oestrus cycle, the level of progesterone measurably changes. At the beginning of the oestrus cycle, low levels of progesterone will be detected. Artificial insemination (AI) is performed when progesterone levels are low. Pregnancy is confirmed when progesterone levels are elevated and continue to increase after day 20 of the cycle. Progesterone levels that drop after day 20 indicate the beginning of a new cycle. The determination of progesterone levels in dairy cattle is a valuable tool for maintaining an accurate time management of artificial insemination (AI) of open cows. Methods previously available for confirmation of bovine pregnancy were ultrasound and rectal palpation 30 to 40 days after AI.

Fresh AgroMashov 2014: Featuring Israel's Vibrant and Highly Advanced Agricultural Sector

Business people from all over the world will be coming to Israel for the annual international "Fresh Agro-Mashov" exhibition of the marketing of fresh agricultural produce. The exhibition is marking a quarter century of excellence in the modern and rich agriculture of Israel.

Carbon Cycle Crush Produces a Mechanically Crushed & High-Fat Content Expeller-Pressed Canola Meal

Carbon Cycle Crush, a subsidiary of Carbon Cycle Investments, produces a mechanically-crushed and high-fat content pressed Canola meal. Canola meals are rich in Omega 3 and 6 and they are also referred to as virgin Canola meal or expeller-pressed. The company provides an all-natural meal with all the rich nutrients and residual values as possible. This is exceptionally great for the environment, livestock ranchers, horses and their buyers’ wallets.

Vertical Storage Tank Specialist Reacts to CPA Stance on Next Government and Farming

Peterborough-based Enduramaxx mirrors calls from the Crop Protection Agency (CPA), which during it’s annual conference called for the next UK government to support productive agriculture in the UK and to meet the challenges of food security in the coming decades.

Carbon Cycle Crush Is Offering Bio Based Lubricants at the Most Affordable Prices

Carbon Cycle Crush is offering bio based lubricants at the most affordable prices. The bio lubricant that carbon Cycle Crush offers is natural and does not contain any chemicals. The processing of the oil is done in such a way so all the natural component of the oil remain intact. The end product the customer receives is fine-quality expeller-pressed Canola oil, with an increased level of lubricity.

The Land Connection Announces Intensive Training Program for Farmers

The Land Connection is pleased to announce a new series of farmer training intensives that will delve deep into agricultural topics that are critical to entrepreneurial farmers. These intensives will typically span three days and be composed of farm tours, hands-on experience, and presentations from highly knowledgeable speakers. Meals and welcome packets are also provided, and participants will earn certificates of completion.

Carbon Cycle Crush Offers Environmentally-Friendly Bulk Canola Oil at Reasonable Prices

Carbon Cycle Crush offers their environmentally friendly bulk Canola oil at reasonable prices. Carbon Cycle Crush purchases the best Canola to provide high-quality lubricant oil and bio fuel. The Canola oil is extracted from the seeds of Canola through a process called expeller-pressed. The extracted Canola seeds are further used and then sold as byproduct meal. Carbon Cycle Crush Canola oil has great advantages. This oil is used to help in manufacturing, biofuels and lubricants, and bio-based oil products that range from soaps to pharmaceuticals.

Predator Guard Deterrent Protects Gardens and Livestock from Nightly Predator Attacks

LogoFarmers and gardeners can now have a peace of mind knowing that their hard work and investments will be protected against night predators when using a Predator Guard solar-powered predator control light. This product is an affordable and maintenance-free device that scares away night predators that damage gardens and livestock.