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Telecube Is First in the Industry to Offer Real-time Setup and Configuration of 1300 and 1800 Number Services


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/04/2012 -- Even small businesses can now appear to be multinational corporations with the help of Telecube. Previously you needed a big budget to have start of the art business telecommunications, but not anymore according to Telecube.

Telecube also helps all sizes of businesses with 1300 numbers for businesses throughout Australia. These numbers are classified as local rate, which usually means the number called charges a local fee. However, some carriers charge their own fees, well above the normal, standard cost of 25c.

Deciding which number is right for an Australian business depends on several factors. According to Telecube, a 1300 number is the correct fit for a business that expects to receive calls primarily from the area in which the business operates, and if the business is seeking actual leads rather than simply fielding calls from “tire kickers.”

Alternatively, a 1800 number is better for businesses that want to receive enquiries of any kind.

Calls from these numbers to inbound numbers can be routed to any landline or mobile phone in any area, according to Telecube.

1300 numbers are virtual numbers that can be configured to route calls to any fixed or mobile phone anywhere,” according to the site. “There are many configuration options available to the owner of an inbound service.”

Through Telecube, any numbers assigned to a client can be permanent, and no contract is required of the business to maintain them. Plus, Telecube provides flat fees for all services, though payment is required up front, which guarantees the lowest rates in the industry. In addition, should a business have to port numbers to another carrier, there are no penalties. Numbers also can be ported to Telecube.

There are no set up fee and the 1300 numbers can be used to call internationally. In fact, numbers can be can be tagged by business if there are multiple business lines entering the same office location. Businesses may set an incoming caller ID to recognize a call coming from a specific number so clients are able to see prior to the call what business the number is calling.

Numbers can be made available in a matter of minutes through the Telecube site, and once service is initiated, the credits for fees never expire.

In addition to providing 1300 numbers, Telecube offers VoIP service with music on hold, call forward, blind and attended transfer, call conference, voice mail and other features, and other communication services, such as fax to email.

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Based in Melbourne, Telecube is Australia’s premiere telecommunication firm, providing service and support of 1300 numbers, VoIP, fax to email and other features.