TelexFree Has Created 23 Millionaires!! Now That's a Clue


Hales Corners, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 -- The Telexfree is a unique program that offers to long distance call programs and pays members to advertise it’s services. The company launched in Brazil in 2012 and in ten months grew to 370,000 members. What’s impressive is the fact that Telexfree has been able to pay it’s members just for posting an ad daily up to $1044 a year (whether they sponsor a single person or not) through weekly checks. That can only mean one thing…the free ads members are using are working!

Telexfree Review – What does this mean to you

What it means depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for an networking marketing program where people you refer can make an extra $1044 without knowing anything about marketing/technology…Telexfree is for you. If you’re looking for an part time income that doesn’t require high/risky advertising advertising, Telexfree is for you because the advertising is free. If you’re looking for life changing income and you’re willing to put a little extra effort (besides the passive ad posting income) then Telexfree’s low drop out rates, strong compensation plan and profit sharing plan based around a great product is perfect.

Telexfree Review – The Product

The basic product is unlimited long distance calling to over 40 countries whether you’re calling to/from a mobile phone or regular land-line. That basic product retails for $49.90 and leverages the technology of a 13 year old company.

Telexfree Review- Founders & Company Info

Telexfree was launched in Brazil 2012. The founder/president is Mr James Merrill. Company is located at 225 Cedar Hill St Suite 200 Marlborough, MA 01752. The company has grown to over 370,000 members in just ten months and because it was launched in Brazil much of the site is still being translated into English. In fact

Telexfree Review – Is It Worth It?

Are you willing to copy and paste an ad a day for $1044. If you join at a higher plan (Ad Central Family) you could earn up to $5200/year..or $100/weekly again just for posting ads daily. The is one catch…if you miss a day you have to start over for that week and as easy as it is to take 5 minutes to post an some people forget!

Apart from putting up free ads there are some great commissions and profit sharing where you’ll earn a percentage of the referrals from people in your who have joined below you. I joined Telexfree a week ago and I’ve already earned my first $100 with no referrals so there’s no question about whether this works or not. In fact the advertising works so well I’ve got 4-5 leads I can follow up with too for some extra commissions.

So for some part time week to week income you really can’t go wrong with Telex unless you’re just not willing to be consistent.

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