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Telinc Corporation Now Offers the T-3 Dechannelizer


New Hope, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- Telinc Corporation is proud to now offer the T-3 Dechannelizer, which has the ability to breakout any four of twenty-eight T-1 channels. The test equipment at Telinc is built with the capabilities for T1 monitoring to transmit and receive the path of T-3. With this source of wireless communication, it is extremely user friendly and only uses five keys to operate the equipment.

Telinc being a manufacturer of Wide Area Network equipment, is able to select and break out of any four of twenty-eight T-1 channels on a T-3 facility. They have also noticed that T1 monitoring has increasingly begun to grow as more businesses accept this type of connectivity. As a design, development, and manufacturing corporation, Telinc wants their clients to be able to supervise and monitor their efficiency through these networks.

The T-3 Dechannelizer is able to transmit and receive signals as well as a pass through mode. This mode consists of four connectors, two for the transmitting capability and two for the receiving end. From T-3 Dechannelizer’s, T1 monitoring, to T1 Analyzers they are some of the most powerful equipment on the market.

About Telinc
Telinc Corporation designs, develops, manufactures and markets Wide Area Network access products and communications test equipment such as Data Link Stimulators, HSSI Testers and T1 Testers. Telinc sells its products through a global network of resellers, distributors, system integrators, manufacturers’ representatives and agents.

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