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Telinc Introduces New Very Easy to Use Link Simulator


New Hope, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2012 -- Telinc introduces easy to use Link Simulator that simulates a communication link, inserting delays and introducing errors so users can determine what effects these impairments will have on their systems. It can be used in many applications including testing protocols and error correction techniques. Their Link Simulator can stimulate a variety of communication facilities including a DDS line with CSU/DSU on each end, a T-1 line with T-1 CSU’s on each end and many more.

Their T1 Analyzer provides a single, integrated platform for bundling voice, data, and Internet services over a single T-1 span. T1 Analyzer helps in establishing a strong connection between employees and customers thus helping any business owner in their respective field.

The T1 Isdn Pri provided by Telinc can be used to network remote phone systems within the same business. This circuit will help to grow the business communication and will also cut down costs eventually. T1 Isdn Pri will allow the data to be transmitted and received around the world using end to end digital connectivity.

The spokesperson of Telinc stated, “The data interfaces provide connectivity for high-speed Internet routers, frame relay devices (FRADs), video codecs, front-end processors, SNA controllers and other WAN devices. The TL4100 provides two high-speed data ports as a standard feature. Each data port can be independently DIP switch configured. The physical interfaces are DB25 female connectors. Each port may be independently programmed with aV.35 or RS530A interface at speeds of N x 56K or N x 64K.”

Telinc also provides Network Analyzer that is used to verify and establish the kind of traffic on a certain network. This can also help in constructing divisions and departments that are based on IP addresses. Their Network Analyzer is high quality and creates a web client that is easy to use and simple.

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