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Telinc Is Now Offering T1 Monitoring with WAN Tester


New Hope, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- As one of the leading manufacturers of communication testing equipment they are now offering T1 monitoring, which allows for bit errors to be read with a portable hand held device. Telinc’s technology is constructed with capabilities that are able to receive and transmit communications. The hand held device makes it easer for one to use, but has the ability to test various platforms such as T1, E1, multiplexers and many more. The technology enables T1 monitoring to see current conditions that may involve frequency and the power level. For such a simple user-friendly device it has many features that allow businesses to telecommunicate more efffectively.

T1 monitoring and T1 testers allow for organizations to grow their company’s communication level, which in return makes them more productive. With this technology developed from Telinc, they are giving people the ability to supervise and monitor their own productivity through this equipment. Not only do they provide this efficient way to monitor and find bit errors, but they also offer the fireberd.

Along with the other equipment this is another way for telecommunications to be enhanced in today’s networks. The fireberd communications equipment will allow one to get the most out of their testing devices as well as decrease the efforts that are needed in order to train those to operate it. Just like the T1 monitoring the fireberd is able to perform bit error testing as well. However, with this one, they are able to customize testing needs, which in the end can save time. With Telinc’s communication equipment allow businesses to reduce training with such advanced devices as well as find any errors along the way.

About Telinc
Telinc Corporation provides Wide Area Network access products with the ability to design, develop and manufacturer the communications testing equipment. For example, they offer a Data Link Simulator, HSSI Testers and T1 Testers that seem to be the most popular. They are proud to offer a more efficient way for all telecommunications that businesses need in order to operate. Telinc offers their products through global networks, distributors, manufacturer representatives and other agents.

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