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Telling an Armadillo Tale: Former Texan Librarian Releases Children's Book About Lovable (And Misunderstood!) State Animal

Written by Mae Durden-Nelson, ‘In the Outside: An Armadillo Tale’ the quirky, wise and rollicking story of a family of armadillos and their adventures in the great outdoors. Bonus: kids will learn a lot too!


Comfort, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2014 -- Meet Momma Mee Mop, Daddy Doo Whop and their four loveable boys Beetle Bop, Hip Hop, Flip Flop and Poops A lot.

This charming family of armadillos are the stars of a new children’s book by author Mae Durden-Nelson, entitled ‘In the Outside: An Armadillo Tale’. While educating on the wonderful complexities of the official state animal of Texas, the book also provides children with an entertaining story of four mischievous boy armadillos and their first forays into the world beyond their underground home.

“Being a retired librarian, I’m well aware that not many children’s books are in publication about the armadillo,” says Durden-Nelson. “This definitely fills the gap! Currently, I’m working on the sequel, ‘In the Outside After Dark’ and letting the boys get acquainted with nighttime. As expected, they find it extremely exciting! The sequel will be jam-packed with armadillo facts, which will make it a popular one with teachers and parents alike.”

Vibrantly illustrated in stunning color, ‘In the Outside: An Armadillo Tale’ is a captivatingly written love letter to this largely unappreciated animal.

Official Synopsis:

The armadillo may be an unwelcome guest in most gardens, but you’ll fall head over heels in love with the critter in this clever story which introduces a delightful family of armadillos—Momma Mee Mop and Daddy Doo Whop and their four lovable boys: Beetle Bop, Hip Hop, Flip Flop, and Poops A lot.

A lighthearted children’s fantasy and a tale of wholesome fun and adventure, the book follows the four armadillo boys as they experience what’s outside their snug underground home. They discover the wonders of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter! They learn to use their long noses to root for delicious worms and beetles and for plowing trenches in the soft earth. And they revel in their newfound freedom!

Children will be delighted by their antics as they learn about these fascinating creatures. Imaginations will soar . . . IN THE OUTSIDE.

Since its initial release, ‘In the Outside: An Armadillo Tale’ has earned a five-star rating on Amazon and glowing reviews from readers.

“This is a precious book about an armadillo family living under a tree and all of their adventures through all 4 seasons. A great book for little ones that keeps them engaged, educated & entertained! Highly recommend this book for children!” wrote Meaghan.

Saying “I highly recommend this book!” Jorja wrote: “Such a unique tale of an armadillo family! This book has captured a fun and imaginative perspective of adventurous boys. And my son just loved the armadillo names. Great & funny read for adults and children!”

“What a fascinating little book about an armadillo family and their adventures! A look into how they live and survive through seasons and exploration. The story along with the illustrations are so entertaining it is sure to bring many smiles and giggles to those that read it. There is an extra bonus in the book too about the real Armadillo Farm outside of Comfort, Texas! Love it and highly recommend this book for your young readers,” wrote Cory Schuler.

For further information about Mae Durden-Nelson and her body of work, please visit her official website.

‘In the Outside: An Armadillo Tale’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1u4qqQh

About Mae Durden-Nelson
Mae Durden-Nelson retired in 1997 after 27 years as the Comfort School District's elementary children's librarian. She authored and produced puppet, marionette, and/or stage plays for her Elementary Library Children's Theater project, and one of her plays was published in Plays Inc. magazine. She has served on several community service boards, including the Comfort Chamber of Commerce; Comfort Public Education Foundation Board; and the board of the Comfort Public Library, where she was elected president in 1995 and served until her retirement. Most recently, she was secretary of the board of the Comfort Area Youth Commission, where she also served as a grant writer and editor of the CAYC newsletter. The Comfort Heritage Foundation recognized her with the 2007 award for "recording history" in her book When Saints Go Marching, the 100-year history of St. Boniface Episcopal Church in Comfort. And, in nearby Fredericksburg, Texas, May 10, 2014 the Gillespie County Historical Society has selected Mae Durden-Nelson as the recipient of the 2014 Historic Preservation Award.

Her other books include I Just Called Her Momma; Son of Defiance; Genesis-Beginning Again; Four Boys, Two Canoes, and the Guadalupe River; There's a Raccoon in My Bathroom; The Little House With a Big Story; and Sixty Years at Home at the Range. Durden-Nelson and her husband Bill have given book talks throughout Texas since 2003.