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Temperature Revealed as the Biggest Cause of Workplace Woe: Gradwood Comments


Stockport, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2016 -- According to recent research and a poll carried out by energy provider EON, temperature is the biggest factor behind tensions in the office. The research was carried out by involving office workers throughout the country who were asked a series of questions regarding the causes of argument in their workplace. A significant 7 out 10 admitted that they are regularly unhappy with their office temperature and that this is the most frequent cause of argument with other colleagues. This applies to cold weather in particular – and a quarter of people said they have closed windows to try and stay warm despite other colleagues opening them for some fresh air. This emphasizes the need for efficient workplace heating which can provide a consistent temperature staff are happy with.

As the winter months continue, it is inevitable that temperature is set to be an increasingly contentious issue. Poor heating systems lead to some colleagues who are more susceptible to the cold feeling uncomfortable; with 15% opting for thermals in order to deal with the conditions. It is thought that temperature is the cause of so many arguments as people obviously have different preferences; though moods are considerably aggravated when the heating system is poor in the first place.

What could be seen as essential an important focus going into 2016, is that businesses address temperature inconsistencies where possible in office spaces– with a good quality and reliable heating system providing a firm foundation. Keen to comment on this was Gradwood, an expert in the field:

"The recent research highlights that temperature in the workplace continues to be an aggravating issue – and this may affect productivity and even detract from employee wellbeing. It is important that businesses take action, especially in the winter months, and ensuring that an effective heating system is in place is part of this. Here at Gradwood we have a number of options available."

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