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Vallejo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- The running, jumping, coin grabbing and fun has been cranked up to eleven with the recent release of the sequel to the popular game Temple Run. Temple Run 2 has many new features that have been added to the same controls and plot as its predecessor. The original Temple Run game earned its popularity due to its simple yet addictive gameplay. In keeping with the original Temple Run Game the objectives are the same, to keep on running, avoiding the obstacles, collecting coins and staying away from the reach of the a group of malevolent demonic monkeys. Except in the new Temple run 2, the previous group of monkeys have been replaced by a singular enlarged monkey.

The newer version is visually much richer in texture and depth. Furthermore, fresh obstacles have been introduced that include fire traps, rolling logs, and even winding paths which make it even more challenging for players to stay on the course. The four controllable characters are not just merely differentiable on the basis of looks and voice, all the characters now have different skills in the new version. This addition allows players to choose a character that complements their own personal style of playing Temple Run. Beginners should remember that the secret to achieving a higher score is to practice and master the rhythm of the game, once the player gets the hang of the game play there is no stop to the trill and fun in thisĀ  "endless running" video game. Temple Run 2 can be downloaded through the links available on:, Temple Run download is available for both Apple and Android devices.

People who are still getting the hang of the game and are looking for clues to help better their game can use the Temple Run Strategy Guide available on, this is a great resource for all Temple Run 2 novices and advanced players as this guide will provide them tips and strategy about the game they might be not aware of yet. This guide can help players achieve a higher score by using the tips shared on this website. Readers will find information on how to play, get upgrades, how to survive the longest and the goals of the game. The guide is comprehensive and well written so that reader will be able to get up to speed with the game play of Temple Run 2 quickly. By knowing all this information players will find that not only has their game improved but they will also feel that it has motivated them to achieve the next goal and keep on playing.

To download Temple Run 2 or to read the full Temple Run Strategy Guide please visit:

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