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Tempnetic North America, LLC Launches Inaugural Revolutionary Product: The Portable COMFY700 Electric Heater


Chelebrook, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2014 -- Tempnetic launches with its inaugural product the COMFY700, game changer heater that uses electricity with a physics-enabled genius design. Unlike many competing products, this electric heater is not mounted therefore it's designed to work around the natural uprise of hot air, keeping temperatures up but the utility down. COMFY700 is the first of its kind making heating personal and ambient as oppose to the typical one-size-fits-all conventional products

Focusing on COMFY700's Use and Benefits

Propane is usually the most commonly used source of energy in most conventional types of outdoor heating but the costs of maintaining such equipment that uses expensive source of energy can be unimaginable these days.

With an electric heater, households will not just save up to 70% in energy consumption with just an ideal $0.10/hour consumption but can also use the heater inside the home.

The COMFY700 is able to return such savings by using only 700W to power the carbon fiber heating element it contains and lasts up to 5000+ hours if used daily. Another break through it achieves is portability. Unlike typically wall mounted heaters of the past, this product can be used anywhere without mounting. It can be places anywhere in close proximity to where the heat is currently wanted, even under the legs, in between the table, near the bed or in the guest area.

This user-friendly operation of this heater is matched by a sleek design. It has grills made of stainless steel preventing untoward scalding because heat accumulation is reduced to a bare minimum.

The product's datasheet containing its technical, mechanical, and commercial details is also available for download, free of charge so interested users can easily compare its specs to other brands they're eyeing and decide for themselves.

This revolutionary electric heater is also an ETL listed product denoting that it has met minimum requirements of a US product in terms of safety standard. This mark also speaks of Tempnetic North America LLC as a carefully audited manufacturing site that agreed to periodic factory follow-up inspections to verify its continued performance.

COMFY700 retails at $165 apiece on PatioProducts USA and at a discounted offering on Amazon at $149.97 each.

Reselling Availability and Future Product Launch

Following up on the tradition that COMF700 started, Tempnetic will soon launch electric heating tables with an integrated electric heater attached underneath it. This will best suit commercial establishments especially restaurants and will not require 240V to operate but as per UL standards, extension cords are not allowed for usage.

The product is also currently available for reselling in case any party is interested for mass selling as well.

About Tempnetic North America LLC
Before coming to the USA, particularly in sunny California, its proponents particularly Charlotte Holstebro, the president of Tempnetic thought they'd never need heaters in the Golden State until they found out that it can become chilly in the evenings. They started using propane heaters but thought of it as inefficient and top energy consumer at home. There came the idea to create their own game changing product with a portable electric heater. The rest as they say is history.

Charlotte Holstebro
920 Chelebrooke CT