Joe Bragg Expands Their North American Mission

Temporary Employment Agencies is a website that first established itself in the US and has now become a mainstay with its Canadian expansion, with new agencies being added all the time.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- Temporary employment is a great way for people getting their first rung on the career ladder to get a broad range of experience without having to take unpaid internships, by filling niches in business teams that have time sensitive goals. is a website that was first launched in the US that now has a Canadian equivalent, offering a list of agencies offering temporary employment opportunities by geographical location, and has recently expanded their Canadian business to cover even more of the country, inviting contributions from businesses and temps alike.

The site’s listings can be updated by either recruitment agencies listing themselves in order to connect with temps looking for work, or by temps recommending agencies to other likeminded individuals. The listings are increasing every day and now cover ten distinct regions and their localities, allowing individuals to find employment agencies in Vancouver, Alberta, Nova Scotia and more.

Because the listings are broken down by region, county, and town, individuals can search only for those agencies serving their local area or add to their search those who work in commutable neighboring regions. Every listing comes with a company logo to aid brand recognition as well as detailed information on their address and contact details so individuals can action their leads as soon as they find relevant companies.

A spokesperson for Temporary Employment Agencies Canada explained, “We are pleased to see our Canadian website doing so well, and the recent expansion allows more listings than ever to be made and a more comprehensive accounting of the Canadian employment landscape to be taken and represented to visitors. Our traffic numbers are increasing every day, as are the number of listings, as agencies realize that this is a great place to be discovered. Temps come to use to find companies that can provide them with the kind of work they want and it’s that demand that is driving our traffic numbers. We strive for equivalency between our web presences in the US and Canada, and this is a big step forward.”

About Temporary Employment Agencies Canada
Temporary Employment Agencies Canada is the Canadian portal of Temporary Employment Agencies, a listings website for geo-located temping agencies designed to help people find temporary work in their locality. The site is open to business listings or recommendations by temps, and is continually expanding to cover the whole of Canada.

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