Joe Bragg Launches State by State Listings for Local Jobs Agencies

Temporary Employment Agencies has changed the way it displays information to a state by state basis, allowing people easier access to local job opportunities.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- In the 21st century, permanent careers wherein a person works in the same department for twenty five years appear to be becoming a thing of the past. Rather, people are developing flexible skill sets that allow them to apply themselves to many roles over the course of a year, gaining a broad understanding better suited to a rapidly changing world. This means that more work than ever is being filled by temp agencies who provide qualified labor to take on time-sensitive tasks on behalf of businesses. More and more people are looking to work in this way, and Temporary Employment Agencies helps them take the first steps to this form of employment.

The website has recently been updated to use a geographic system to make sense of their increasingly massive library of current temporary employment agencies. Now, users can simply search by state, then county, then town or locality to ensure they find the best temping agencies near to where they live.

This new set up is better for businesses and temp workers alike, as they can target their searches to their local area –for instance, temporary employment agencies in Miami, FL- or to areas they are able to reach through commuting. The listings themselves can be added either by businesses or be individuals who would like recommend an agency to other workers.

A spokesperson for explained, “The location based listing make a lot of sense, not just for our users but for us too. Local searches are increasingly taking precedence in the way people interact with major search engines like Google, and by orienting our data on a geographic basis we stand to show up far more prominently in search results made for specific localities, as well as on mobiles using GPS data to search. Because our listings are expanding all the time, it’s good for users who already know about us to check back regularly and discover new agencies and opportunities.”

About Temporary Employment Agencies
Temporary Employment Agencies is a website featuring listings of high quality temping agencies across the US, now ordered by state and county to ensure users have access to the best temping opportunities in their local area without having to search through national listings. The site is regularly updated and can be added to by both users and businesses. For more information please visit: