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Tenafly Real Estate Market Remains Resilient Throughout the Downturn Announces Shahnaze Dardashti


Tenafly, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2013 -- During the start of the sub-prime mortgage crisis, which presaged a global economic downturn, housing value fell dramatically. Throughout most of the US, property prices fell to such an extent that sellers would make significant losses when looking move homes. There have been exceptions to this rule however, and Tenafly, New Jersey is one of the most notable. Tenafly Real Estate is a website run by licensed agent Shahnaze Dardashti, and offers excellent rates to sellers looking to get the most of out of their property, as well as a great place for buyers to find top quality homes.

The site has been launched with social media integration in mind, leveraging these networks to connect buyers and sellers as never before. The Tenafly Real Estate Google Plus information is easily accessible, and the site even has integrated software features like the mortgage calculator, which allows individuals to quickly estimate the size of the mortgage payment they would require to successfully buy any of the properties listed.

Reasons for the community’s resilience include the education system, which creates value for parents, and with ready access to New York, this suburban environment has been supported by the high powered big city nearby while retaining its quaint atmosphere, with the Real Estate agent herself raising three children in the borough.

A spokesperson for Tenafly Real Estate explained, “Shahnaze’s experience in real estate in this area makes her an unparalleled choice to represent homes in this area, and she is trusted by sellers and buyers alike for providing fair prices for sellers, with great opportunities and solid investments for buyers. The website shows only a sample of the properties Shahnaze has on offer, and often times customers contacting her through the website will be opened up to a new world of opportunities that they didn’t expect when first looking for a home online. The site also has plans to release listings for homes to rent, so it’s best to check back often for the latest updates.”

About Tenafly Real Estate
Shahnaze Dardashti has been a licensed real estate agent in Tenafly for over 20 years. This past year, she has decided to bring her expertise on the real estate market in Tenafly and surrounding towns to the internet. Her website features a small number of listings and contact details for more exclusive offline only properties, as well as a blog on all things Tenafly with useful information for buyers. For more information please visit: http://tenaflyrealestate.org/