Tender Footwear Introduces Reviews on Men's and Women's Shoes

A resource for shoe reviews is now available from Tender Footwear. The website provides up-to-date reviews for shoe lovers, based on the latest products and trends.


Panama City, Panama -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- Tender Footwear, a new website that concentrates on posting impartial and genuine reviews, is now live. Serving as a one-stop resource for reviews, the site provides information on the latest styles, designs, and products. Shoe lovers with any need can find what they are looking for, as the site is regularly updated to reflect the latest releases.

The new website is ideal for anyone looking for a hiking shoe, running shoe, or a stylish product, regardless of where readers live or what they need. Each review provides a thorough analysis. Readers get a synopsis on the comfort level and durability of the shoe. Features of convenience are detailed, while fashion-oriented shoe buyers receive the information they need to make a purchase.

Tender Footwear reviews provide details on the best weather for a particular shoe, what terrain it is most suitable for, and the temperatures the product is designed for. Visitors also get details on different aspects of a shoe, such as the type of lining or shoelace included. Heels are described in detail as is information on the in-sole, mid-sole, and out-sole, so the reader has much to work with.

On the website, shoes are divided up into several categories. These include hiking, rain footwear, sport sandals, trail running, and water shoes; both the men’s and women’s sections feature these types. Reviews on each are current and well-researched. Only shoe experts and professional writers provide their insight on Tender Footwear.

The site is formatted for easy access to the most recent postings. This enables visitors to find up-to-date information on the latest shoes and styles, in addition to fashion trends. The reader can choose to purchase the shoe from leading retailers such as Amazon.com. Also, with each review, links to similar shoes are provided to give the shopper more to look at. Each is honest and to the point; even the disadvantages of the shoe are provided if any have been found.

Access to best sellers and a list of all reviews on the site is provided. All reviews are honest, thorough, and up-to-date, so keep checking back for write-ups on the newest fashions and products. For more information, go to http://tenderfootwear.com/.

About Tender Footwear
Tender Footwear is a shoe review company and a review website. It posts reviews on the latest designs, styles, and trends, with non-biased, genuine information readers can use to make their purchasing decisions. The company works with shoe experts and professional writers, while connecting the customer to the latest products from major online retailers.