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Tenerife Forum Publishes Guides on the Island's Waters with Orcas, Snorkeling and More

Tenerife Forum has updated with a suite of featured guides and editorials on Orcas, snorkeling the Canary Islands, and information on the underwater cathedral that lies off the coast.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2015 -- Tenerife is the largest and most heavily populated island of the seven Canary Islands, visited by some five million tourists every year, and is home to areas of stunning national beauty like the Teide National Park. In addition the islands are a perfect spot for exploring the warm waters on the coast of the North Atlantic, right by the coast of Africa. As a result, Tenerife has many aquatic wonders to explore and discover, and Tenerife Forum has posted about just three of them in its latest website update.

Tenerife Forum is an online community created by Tenerife residents and fans for those who may be coming to the island for the first time. With autumn here, there has never been a better time to go whale watching for pods of wild Orcas, who make rare appearances of the coast of Tenerife while migrating to warmer waters for food.

Their other editorials include more permanent fixtures, including the El Hierro current, which creates an inverted water world full of reefs, wild fish and beautiful discoveries. Perhaps most dramatic however is the underwater cathedral of the Costa de Acentejo, formed out of the same geological phenomena of Ireland's Giant's Causeway but hidden under the sea.

A spokesperson for The Tenerife Forum explained, "There are incredible wonders surrounding Tenerife, which is a wonder in itself. That's why so many people fall in love with the place and why so many people seek to share that love in our online community. We have articles like these being posted all the time by contributors who wish to share extraordinary opportunities and experiences with others, making it the perfect place to find holiday inspiration, as well as practical day to day guidance and advice."

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