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Tennessee Orthodontist Mobilizes New Patients to Support Animal Shelter

Orthodontist Dr. Leighton Wood announces a program to help locals in Virginia and Tennessee to have a healthy smile while supporting local animal shelters at the same time. For more information visit


Kingsport, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2016 -- Orthodontist Dr. Leighton Wood is announcing a campaign to encourage his patients and locals in the Kingsport and Johnson City areas of Tennessee as well as those in Bristol Virginia to improve their smile and to support local animal shelters at the same time.

In recent interview, Dr. Wood explains that as a result of economic challenges that have been experienced in the country, more people are unable to keep their pets due to financial constraints. Many of them end up giving up their pets to animal shelters, whose resources are in most cases already stretched.

To add to this challenge, a lot of the animals these shelters receive are either sick or injured, requiring specialized help that demands even more finances.

Dr. Wood and his staff will be giving away orthodontic exams for free. This gift comprises a full orthodontic examination, including necessary X-rays. Dr. Wood will also offer advice on the most suitable orthodontic treatment and what patients can do to prevent other straight teeth from becoming crooked. If the participants continue with a treatment plan, Dr. Wood will donate $50 per person to local animal shelters. Locals can get the chance to get healthy straight teeth while contributing to a good cause.

"I think this is a great opportunity to mobilize our people to enhance their oral health while at the same time offering the much needed help that our local animal shelters require," he said.

For over 20 years, Dr. Wood has been creating healthy smiles for the young and old. He is concerned about the many misconceptions that people have about crooked teeth and orthodontic treatment.

"Many people assume that crooked teeth are simply a cosmetic problem, but this is not true. If not treated, they can quickly lead to other dental and health problems – even speech problems," he warned.

Many adults also shy away from orthodontic treatment because they assume that they will have to wear ugly metallic braces, but as Dr. Wood points out, "Thanks to technological advancement, we can now straighten teeth using clear braces – nobody has to know you're wearing them unless you actually tell them."

Dr. Wood helps bring confidence back to local teens and adults through improving the health and quality of their smiles.

If you would like more information on Dr. Wood's campaign to support animal shelters, please visit his website here

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