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Tennis Clinics for Kids in Sports City by Jimenes and Adalberto Vazquez

Few kids and her moms join to the tennis clinic for low income families.


Santiago, Chile -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- Adalberto Vazquez was interviewed regarding the sports tennis clinics from 11 to 15 February this year where he conducted a tennis clinic for children and women in charge of professional Alejandra Jiménez which in turn had attended by over 40 people to the event.

"It was very intensive six days and the experience I have gathered here is priceless." said one participant.

The goal to make this kind of event was not only promote the sport of tennis, a sport that gives great strength of spirit and encourages quick thinking, but attempts to promote sport in childhood.

Regarding the development of the first tennis clinic were quite positive results in promoting awareness of sport and promote the benefits of this discipline among children, improve the quality of athletes and train a new generation of world-class players in the region and nationally.

"I am eager to continue playing non-stop," said one of the smaller players still smiling even for a moment.

These clinics are undoubtedly a very important tool to reach people who otherwise would never have noticed this sport, regarded by many as an elitist sport. It is, however, one of the most popular sports in the world regardless of social class.

Mr. Adalberto Vazquez, clinical coordinator, said about it: "We will make these clinics every two months to continue to benefit all who wish to participate at the same time this activity will promote the continuous improvement of the level of play of all participants. And, for those who have never ever touched a tennis racket, do not worry, there is also place for all concerned. "

Jimenez, in turn, highlighted the obstacles faced by the progress of the sport: "The advance in this sport has been remarkable in recent years, except for certain obstacles that always succeed as solved when there is organization, goodwill and backrests sponsors needed ". Adalberto Vazquez thanked the pro their participation.

To register, learn about new clinical dates or any related information, please contact the organizers