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Terbit Financial Technology Offering Free Business Tools for SMEs to Leverage Growth Potentials


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2015 -- The free business tools recently launched by Terbit Financial Technology, a unified commerce B2B network, are designed for small and mid-size enterprises (SME) that look to gain access to trusted business networks. "The rapidly expanding collaboration and trading network is more of a B2B trade facilitator", commented a senior official of Terbit Financial at the press event where the free business tools were officially unveiled. From now on, small and mid-size enterprise owners and managers can join the network and download the business tools for free, officials confirmed.

The Terbit Financial Technology network, also known as TBXONE, is a cloud-based state-of-the-art commercial network that caters to both web to ERP and web to web users. The administrators of the free-to-use commercial network said, "Unifying both the financial and physical supply chain on one platform was our sole aim. Just by joining the network, business users can build their trusted business network, much like how they do social networking. They can reap additional supply chain value by extending ERP and business processes to the larger trading network", said one senior network administrator.

"The free tools will help the SMEs to stay connected with and to collaborate with local and global major players. The tools are all designed with the solitary purpose of trade facilitation between small and mid-size enterprises and their bigger competitors. The basic ERP's simplicity is back as we aimed to clear the clutter for the members of the network. With these tools at their disposal, we believe SMEs can simplify their transactional and collaborative processes", said one senior official of Terbit Financial Technology.

"Finding business people on TBXONE is as easy and simple as finding a contact on Whatsapp or Facebook or Skype", claimed a top cloud administrator. "In short, we aim to provide greater visibility to smaller and mid-size traders so that they can get the equal opportunity to network and collaborate with the major players across industries. We sincerely believe that SMEs can become a part of the burgeoning e-finance by joining the network", said another top official.

About Terbit Financial Network
Terbit Financial Network is a B2B network consisting of traders from all sectors.

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