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Termite Detection Tool Now Utilized for Better Pest Control


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- PCTOnline– Dr. Vernard Lewis, a cooperative extension specialist for the University of California-Barkeley, has conducted a thorough research to find the best termite detection tool.

According to Dr. Lewis, ““The industry needs portable termite detection equipment to determine active from inactive infestations and to pinpoint exactly where an active infestation is. Non-destructive tools are the most important as they reduce damage and cost and leave no evidence of their usage,”

The research was aimed to review the cost-effectiveness of different technologies like the acoustic emission (AE), x-ray equipment, optical borescopes and many others.

Research shows that the acoustic emission devices are effective but requires an expensive investment. Further, it was found out that it results to false positive results due to excessive background noise. X-rays can penetrate to different materials but will need a high energy output. It will cause higher electrical and miscellaneous cost. In fact, the device itself costs about $25,000, and the paper for printing is priced at $700.

A device called the fiber optical borescope is best to use in small and inaccessible areas. Dr Lewis said, “They do a good job — best when wood and wall voids contain no insulation. In addition, using them may be physically challenging for an inspector, who may have to get down on knees on the floor, crawl about and take a very close and long look through the device. The borescopes on the market today,” he said, “are in the $300 cost range.”

Other detection device reviewed were the termite radar, electronic odor detectors and TermatracT3i. All these equipment have pros and cons in which all are effective but may require higher investment and maintenance cost. Dr. Lewis suggests that a highly-trained professional should be considered in using the advanced terminal detection equipment. There is no single-approach to termite elimination and so every structure has to be examined by a professional.

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